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Who is Jake in Boston?

A few days ago, a billboard disparaging the wise owl (???) coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, appeared on RTE 1 to much promotion from 98.5 The Sports Hub.

If the moniker “Jake in Boston” wasn’t enough of a tell that this is a deranged sports radio fan who has had their thinking so twisted up that they’d spend thousands of dollars to shit on his alleged favorite team to get attention from his Hub heroes, then his updated version of the billboard sure made it clear. Citing coaching tree record, a trivial concept that Belichick has zero control over and doesn’t exist anywhere but in the world of call-in sports talks.

Seems like somebody wants attention. But he’s sending mixed messages. Having his face blurred out for a television interview, as if he thinks he delivered a literal killshot to the eight time Super Bowl winning coach and has entered witness protection.


Well, it doesn’t work like that, cupcake.


From an interview a while back:

Jake likes billboards, apparently.
Jake from State Hospital? IJATQC.

Who is Jake from Boston?

Exactly who you thought he was.

98.5 The Sportz Klan Takes Off The Sheet (Again)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your bunkers and shield yourselves from the takez of pasty, old white men on sports radio, think again. This certainly has been a banner week for WBZ-FM, from their furthering of the non-allegation allegations about Christian Barmore propagated by Greg “I Can Only Fit One Sheet” Bedard, to this insane insinuation.

Dat ratio, tho!

Jaylen Brown, a gigantic part of the Celtics team will miss the rest of the season due to a torn ligament on his wrist. Apparently that means he quits. But, dear reader, this is nary the first time the Two Dopes and The Tattooed Eunich have dug their heels in about Brown, or as they would call him, The Player. Here are some receipts.

Of course as far as Felger is concerned, Brown’s humanity means nothing to him, he’s just an entity for his 4 hour bitch fest. “Shut Up and Dribble” as the kids say. And the world is officially doomed if I am in agreement with Kid Gaslighter himself, Chris Gasper.

The out and out hate even goes back to when Brown began his career.

So back to the latest headline of Brown “quitting”. Of course they have done similar things, namely to Tuukka Rask last year. We are not sure who wrote that headline, but if it is actually correct, it is one of the most egregiously inaccurate statements ever out out by a sports radio station. And it has been treated as such, due to the epic ratio you see above. 237 QTs to only 12 measly likes. And most of the QTs are absolutely shredding the Three Dumb Men.

However as good as this is, there is still the sobering reminder that this is the #1 show in the market. This is the same station that employs a guy who made fun of the death of Roy Halladay, who crashed a plane.

This is the same station who employs two people who hangs up on listeners without fail who want to dedicate World Series championships to their grandparents.

This is the same station who employs a balding, tattooed small man who wears sunglasses indoors who wishes listeners’ kids dead.

How much longer will it be allowed for these people to be the representative of the Boston Sports fan? And, more importantly, how much longer will the local sports teams allow their players to have their characters assassinated on a daily basis on their “flagship station”? When will enough people realize that the goal of this show and That Station is not to entertain you or inform you, but to troll you and make you angry and give you a visceral reaction?

As we say on Entitled Town, Turn Off Your Radios. And turn your channels off of NBC Sports Boston. I would say this market deserves better, but if other media outlets are downsizing and restructuring due to “reasons”, and these guys are still employed, it doesn’t bode well. But, they do hear you. So Keep Pounding.