Who are The 15?

The15 are a news gathering local collaborative of concerned citizens designed to combat hottakes, specifically as it pertains to Boston sports.


Q: The15net dot com? That’s an odd format. Do you people know what you’re doing?

A: Occasionally, yes we do. And nets and netting are used ‘in sports.’

Q: Are there fifteen of you?

A: Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Q: So what, you guys are Toronto Blue Jays fans or something?

A: No, why would you ask that?

Q: Your logo looks like Randal Grichuk’s Ramiel Tapia’s jersey number, yes?

A: No it doesn’t; the Jays numerals have serifs. We used the same font as CNN.

Q: And why did you do that?

A: to provide visual continuity with our precursor organization, the BJBSJournal.

Q: What happened to BJBSJ?

A: I’m not at liberty to say. If that changes, we will answer.

Q: Why did Bill bench Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII?

A: Butler arrived late to the Super Bowl site in Minnesota, practiced poorly, and admitted in March 2018 he was not mentally ‘locked in’.

Q: Is the Sports Junk Drawer cleaned out on a regular basis?

A: Glad you asked. That column is published mostly on Wednesdays. Occasionally delayed to Thursdays because of holidays. And very rarely moved up to Tuesdays.