10/27/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Has the national mourning period over Joe Buck’s busy season started before this week or is it just during the World Series? Thanks for having the troll on your podcast, Mister Wall Defender. For the watch… Bob Neumeier is gone. And there’s a lot wrong with that. Is it possible this Celtics roster is better

10/20/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Commissioner Goodell isn’t as unaccountable as an ordinary MLB umpire is. A tie is as good as a draw, Revs. Did the NHL schedule makers think the Ringling Brothers Circus was in town? Thankfully it’s still baseball season, so these football losses doesn’t count yet. Whew! For all you fans of the orange leather, as

Fall Event Avoidance Generator

Here’s a helpful stupid bullshit generator. If you hear a phrase that could be generated by this, you want nothing to do with it: Generic sentence structure:“You know what would be fun? A B !”“We never go to A B anymore”“You never want to see the A  B anymore”“Everyone is saying (the) A  B is

Pokes v. Pats Prev, bro.

 Note:  It’s been a head in my hands type of week.  Not feeling well physically or mentally.  Had to take off work and I feel so bad about it.  I’ll be with you guys 100% moving forward tho.  It sucks having to take a mental health breather but I need it.               Well folks, the

10/13/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

(Publishing note: there was a Monday holiday, but the woke counter-holiday cancels that out. Usual schedule prevails. ) The NE Revolution is clearly quitely inspiring the other local squadrons. And maybe some Marathon participants, too. It’s like his father who is the district attorney said: You can’t script October. New England Patriots with the same

10/06/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Can one claim a moral victory from a loss that meant Coach Bill can’t call himself the Owl any longer? But, but the evening lottery number was 1-9-7-8! Poor, irrelevant Dan. Go look up Floyd Giebel and get back to me. Dondero, who nobody normally reacts to, opining about the art of entertaining, is fucking

Patriots versus Buccaneers Preview Part 3: The Game

Sunday Night Football this week brings a bittersweet feeling to the area.  Much like Robert Parish’s Chicago Bulls ring, many in the area wish that Tom Brady just called it quits and retired as a member of the New England Patriots.  Many will speculate as to why he left.  Disrespected, sick of the coach, wanted

Who is Jake in Boston?

A few days ago, a billboard disparaging the wise owl (???) coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, appeared on RTE 1 to much promotion from 98.5 The Sports Hub. If the moniker “Jake in Boston” wasn’t enough of a tell that this is a deranged sports radio fan who has had their thinking

Pats vs Bucs Part 2: A Very Brady Retrospectacle

Tom Brady.  The greatest quarterback of all time.  As clutch as they come.  Ice water in his veins.  The baddesst MFer in the building.  GOAT.                There is absolutely no denying the greatness of Tom Brady, or the joy he has brought to so many Patriots fans for the past two decades.  In a team


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