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Intern-al Polling

Beantown! Yay!!

Howdy! We are the Summer Interns of the15net dot com! Some of us are new, some are holdovers from the 2021-22 academic year. Mr. Scartelli and a plurality of the 15 insisted we “stop being testaments to uselessness” so we will be running occasional polls this summer. So without further ado:

Breer. Yates. Rap. Water carriers. But who is the most useless?

Friday Afternoon Press Release






April 8, 2022

Vernon Dozier to join as local beat sports reporter.

The15 are pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Vernon Dozier in the capacity of beat reporter for the local sports teams. Mr. Dozier has previously worked for Deadspin, TMZ Sports, and Goy at the Game, as well as physical media at The Boston Phoenix and The Cape Ann Times-Gleaner. A resident of Rockport (MA), Mr. Dozier can be found on Twitter at @VernonDozier_15. Welcome to Titletown, Vernon!

April 8, 2022

Winner of the 2022 NITwit Invitational T*ournament Disqualified.

After a short but thorough investigation, it has been discovered that the winner of the 2022 NITwit Invitational T*ournament, a Mr. Steven R. Lowell of Reading, MA, was ineligible to compete owing to violations of the T*ournament’s morals clause and PED policy. Resultantly, the runner up, a Mr. Brian Spulpit-Phillips, of no fixed address has been installed as the 2022 Champion.

You hate to see it.

The 15 are a news gathering association of concerned citizens designed to combat hottakes, specifically as it pertains to Boston sports.

March Sadness Results – The Four You Deplore Winners & Consolation Match

Don’t expect to see much of this picture over the next 72 hours. At all.
You tried, Large Gym and Little Ben.

The March Sadness Final Matchup is set. Almost A Coach Greg A. Bedard of (for now) the Boston Sports Journal versus Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe. Due to overwhelming interest, there will now be a consolation match between the runners-up. Noontime EDT today until noontime EDT tomorrow Sunday April 3rd. Championship Monday after that. Thank you for your interest in ridiculing mediots. cheers.

March Sadness – The Hateable Eight – Results

Murray – Bedard & Gasper – Volin will duke it out as the Four You Deplore Friday, April 1st, Championship TBD on Monday April 4th. Thank you to all the voters, readers, and assorted hangers-on.

We’re making a mockery of Lou’s trip to the Big Dance!
Monsterthrottled. You’re out, Tom.
A triumph of faux erudition over decades of laziness. Yay?
Have bigger screencap graphics! We can’t!
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