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Patriots versus Buccaneers Preview Part 3: The Game

Sunday Night Football this week brings a bittersweet feeling to the area.  Much like Robert Parish’s Chicago Bulls ring, many in the area wish that Tom Brady just called it quits and retired as a member of the New England Patriots.  Many will speculate as to why he left.  Disrespected, sick of the coach, wanted to keep playing, money, all of the above, none of the above.  Just like someone with an iPhone thinks that they are Ansel Adams, and someone selling GAP insurance on auto loans thinks that they are an epidemiologist, the local media failed its followers, yet again.  Stories blaming the coach, the owner, the player…they’ve all surfaced this week.  Much like declining a call from TEC, some conversations are better kept to themselves.


              Someday, Bill, or Tom, or maybe even both, will write the book.  Until then, all of the stories and speculation are simply heresay.  This is the last we will speak of this matter for a few paragraphs.

              This is a large game for the Patriots, and mainly because it can get them to 2-2 early in the season.  Unlike the Indianapolis Colts, the Patriots understand that there are no banners hung for regular season records, or anything that goes on in the regular season (except that blasphemous 16-0 banner that was hung after the 2007 season).  A large part of this game is going to hinge on the health of Trent Brown.  I firmly believe that he would have been out there last week, but they wanted to give him one more week to get healthy; as this is going to be more of a pass protect line this week. 

You got Stafforded!

Tampa Bay comes to Foxboro off a 10 point road loss in Los Angeles.  Matthew Stafford threw for 343 yards and 4 TDs in a game that wasn’t even as close as the final score indicated.  Look for New England to play fast on offense.  Losing an offensive weapon as versatile as James White is not going to be easy as well, but as the Patriots mantra has always been, next man (sic) up.

From a defensive standpoint, look for the Patriots front line to be a key factor in the game.  As reported by the fake/real/not sure Spike King, it appears that former Arizona Wildcat star TE Robert Gronkowski is going to be doubtful out for this game.  That said, the weapons that the Bucs bring in on offense are quite impressive.  Former domestic abuser and sexual harasser turned non-Patriot and now great guy Antonio Brown is likely to play this week, after missing last week due to COVID concerns.  I have a call in to my doctor friend, Jim in Peabody to see if he will be okay or if he will need to be masked during the game.  Mike Evans and Orenthal James Howard also bring spark to the Tampa Bay offense.  Can expect numerous defensive backs shuttling in and out for the Patriots, in an effort to stay fresh.

That’s gotta hurt.

Abbott and Costello.  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Coffee and Cigarettes.  Benzos and MAGA talk.  None of these the same without the other.  The same has been said for Brady and Belichick.  Yet, the first chapter has already been written.  We’ll see what the next chapter has in store.

Baseball, Danny.

The Buccaneers come in as a 7 point road choice.  It’s all the same; only the names have changed.  Except for the man coaching the Patriots.  The Owl.  Since the year 2000, the Patriots are 9-2 ATS in games they are grabbing 7 or more.  I’ll take the points.  Think this ends up a FG game at the end.  Time will tell who comes out on top.   

The dependable Nicholas Alexander Folk.

Sunday brings us the showdown that we’ve all been waiting for.  So, friends, get your apple picking out of the way sooner than later.  Enjoy the Saco IV show.  Get all those pesky chores done a little early.  While we all know Saturdays are For the Boys, we might have to extend that into Sunday this week.

You can get with this, or you can get with that.

S. Tzu-Pei is an Intern and Lead NFL Writer for The15.

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots Preview

Ernie? Is this your doing?

The Patriots host the New Orleans Saints in a week 3 tilt this upcoming Sunday.  If there is one thing that Bill Belichick preaches, it’s “ignore the noise.”  It’s posted all over the facility.  For this reason, the team will not be caught “looking ahead,” as some college teams may do the week before a rivalry game.  New England faces a Saints team coming off a loss in Carolina, where they made Sam Darnold look like John Elway.  This is likely because they are led by one of the most overrated coaches in NFL history.

(Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

              The pill popping, pedophilia priest pandering Payton brings his team to Foxboro in a battle of the 1-1s.  New Orleans did beat the Green Bay Packers week one, but I expect that to be a paper victory in hindsight, as Green Bay looks like a team that has implosion written all over it. 

Jameis Winston, once rumored to be a potential QB in New England by a local podcast, comes in off of a 11/22 performance with 2 INTs.  He will face a confident Patriots secondary, coming off of a 4INT game, allowing an average of 185 ypg in the air.  Look for pressure to come from the front even more so on Sunday, forcing Winston to think on his feet.

Offensively the Patriots will have a similar game plan.  New Orleans has the #7 defense in the league, allowing an average of only 66 ypg on the ground.  Again, as the late Lee Corso says, “not so fast my friend.”  Christian McCaffrey ran for 72 yards last week, with a TD.  This was the first true test that the Saints faced against a decent RB.  Apologies to former BC Eagle, AJ Dillon.  For anyone complaining about Matt Jones’ lack of pass attempts, they clearly do not understand Patriots football or have watched a game in the last 20 years.  Each week brings a complex game plan.  Some weeks it’s ground and pound, some weeks its pass all day.  The first three weeks’ opponents have dictated the offensive game plan. 

That lineman, over there? I can’t see over him!

Although this is Truly not a space for prognostications, this is a Patriots/Over play.  Go get ‘em Jasper.

S. Tzu-Pei is an Intern for The15.

Patriots at Jets Preview

Met Life Stadium. Home of the New York Football Giants, and Jets.

              Throughout the discourse of human history, we must wonder if Alexander Pope was a New York Jets fan.  Another autumn is upon us bringing another rookie QB, and another new head coach.  Yet, hope springs eternal for Gang Green.  Zach Wilson comes in boasting a 35.6 QB Rating and his team is installed as a 6.5pt. home underdog on Sunday.  Michael McCorkle Jones comes in boasting 2x the QBR of his colleague who was picked 13 spots later.  Still, as non Patriots HOF member Duane Charles Parcells once said, “You are what your record says you are.”


              Look for New England to have a similar offensive game plan this week.  The Jets gave up 111 rushing yards last week vs. Carolina, and will have to face a 3 headed running attack this week at Met Life Stadium.  If Damien Harris can move the ball as well as he did week one, then the Jets will be in for a long day.  Parlay that with James White and perhaps even JJ Taylor, and the Patriots could make a long day for New York’s defense. 

Disability Fraud Ed

              Jones seemed relatively comfortable in the pocket vs. Miami last week, and look for him to improve progressions this week.  Trent Brown remains questionable, but the Patriots were able to hold the line together quite well last week in spite of multiple injuries at the right tackle position.  Look for the play action to open up and for the Patriots to pick on New York’s inexperience CBs for large plays.

Mac returns as the starting QB Week 2.

              We’ll be certain to see the “Bill Belichick vs. Rookie QB” stats all day tomorrow.  21-6, if you’re keeping score at home.  But as the late Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast my friends.”  Coach Hoodie is only 8-6 on the road vs. rookie QBs.  Of those losses to rookie QBs, 2 are SB Champs in Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson.  Interestingly enough, 2 are NYJ QBs in Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith.  Strange things happen in East Rutherford.

James. Riddle. Hoffa.

              The Patriots are winners of the last 10 games vs. the NYJ.  I do not see any way that this is not 11, come 4:30 tomorrow.  Lay the points, Jasper.  Lay the points.

S. Tzu-Pei is an Intern for The15.

Fantasy Football Advice Recap Week 1

Let’s check the ol’ stat sheet and see how we did! (Small sample size disclaimer goes here)



  • Aaron Rodgers – comp 15 att 28 yds 133 td 0 int 2
  • Kyler Murray – comp 21 att 32 yds 289 td 4 int 1 (5-20 1 td rushing)
  • Tom Brady – comp 23 att 50 yds 379 td 4 int 2
  • Matt Stafford – comp 20 att 26 yds 321 td int 0
  • Joe Burrow – comp 20 att 27 yds 261 td 2 int 0


  • Ben Roethlisberger- comp 18 att 32 yds 188 td 1 int 0
  • Dak Prescott- comp 42 att 58 yds 403 td 3 int 1
  • Tyrod Taylor – comp 21 att 32 yds 291 td 2 int 0
  • Jalen Hurts – comp 27 att 35 yds 264 td 3 int 0
  • Kirk Cousins – comp 36 att 49 yds 351 td 2 int 0


  • Mac Jones – comp 29 att 39 yds 281 td 1 int 0
  • Kyler Murray – comp 21 att 32 yds 289 td 4 int 1
  • Justin Herbert – comp 31 att 47 yds 224 td 1 int 1
  • Ryan Tannenhill- comp 21 att 35 yds 212 td 1 int 1

Running Backs


  • Nick Chubb – att 15 yds 83 td 2
  • Antonio Gibson – att 20 yds 90 td 0
  • Jonathan Taylor – att 17 yds 56 td 0
  • Aaron Jones – att 5 yds 9 td 0
  • Josh Jacobs – att 10 yds 34 td 2


  • Saquan Barkley – att 10 yds 26 td 0
  • Austin Ekeler – att 15 yds 57 td 1
  • Christian McCaffrey – att 21 yds 98 td 0
  • David Montgomery – att 16 yds 108 td 1


  • Kareem Hunt – att 6 yds 33 td 1
  • James Connor – att 16 yds 53 td 0
  • Zach Moss – inactive
  • Sony Michel – att 1 yds 2 td

Wide Recievers % Tight Ends


  • Julio Jones – rec 3 yds 32 td 0
  • Tyreek Hill – rec 11 yds 197 td 1
  • Justin Jefferson – rec 5 yds 71 td 0
  • Mike Evans – rec 3 yds 24 td 0
  • Darren Waller (TE) – rec 10 yds 105 td 1
  • Logan Thomas (TE) – rec 3 yds 30 td 1
  • Kyle Pitts (TE) – rec 4 yds 31 td 0
  • Noah Fant (TE) – rec 6 yds 62 td 0


  • Odell Beckham Jr. – Inactive
  • Henry Rugg – rec 2 yds 46 td 0
  • Juju Smith-Schuster – rec 4 yds 52 td 0
  • Calvin Ridley – rec 5 yds 51 td 0
  • Kenny Golliday – rec 4 yds 64 td 0
  • Zach Ertz (TE) – rec 2 yds 34 td 0
  • TJ Hockinson (TE) – rec 8 yds 97 td 1
  • Blake Jarwin (TE) – rec 3 yds 20 td 0
  • Jared Cook (TE) – rec 5 yds 56 td 0
  • Evan Engram (TE) – inactive


  • Diontae Johnson – rec 5 yds 36 td 1
  • DeVonta Smith – rec 6 yds 71 td 1
  • Mike Gesicki (TE) – rec 0 yds 0 td 0
  • Anthony Firkster (TE) – rec 3 yds 19 td 0

Kickers and Defense/Special Teams to follow in Part 2!

One or more of the interns did this.

Fantasy Football: Rules, Studs, Duds, and Sleepers. Part One

Patrick Mahomes (pictured above) is a must-start in all formats. He can make all the throws.

Fantasy Football drafts can be some of the most fun things some of us do. There’s rules that should be followed and a lot of strategy that comes to it. Here’s my guide for Rules, Studs, Duds, and Sleepers:


  1. Always watch your bye weeks: For some of us this may be obvious but to the rookie drafter this is often overlooked. I rarely draft players with the same bye weeks unless they are on my bench. In a now 17 game season this is seemingly less crucial but trust me – don’t let it come back to bite you in the ass.
  2. Know the difference between a PPR league and Non-PPR league: A PPR league is a points per reception league which puts more emphasis on pass catching running backs and wide receivers who rack up receptions. It is imperative to know the difference before drafting your team. For my money, PPR leagues are more fun to play in than non-PPR leagues.
  3. Have stud running backs: Considering most running backs are a running and passing threat – always put more emphasis on running backs earlier on than wide outs. I typically recommend drafting two RB’s within the first three rounds. Take this rule to the bank- please trust me.
  4. Watch your draft board: A Fantasy Football draft is not the time to be distracted. Always watch your draft board and see where other players are going. Whether drafting against friends or randos, make sure you don’t miss out on your pick. If Kickers seem to be going in that round – draft one. If tight ends are getting gobbled up – snag one.
  5. Keep trade bait on your bench: This rule is imperative as well. Always keep a player on your bench that would be attract to other drafters and also someone you’d be willing to part ways with. Players like Rob Gronkowski and Baker Mayfield are perfect trade bait. (Unless Baker is your starter!)
Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones (2) warms up during NFL football training camp Wednesday, July 28, 2021, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)


  1. Julio Jones- WR- Tennessee Titans: How could this guy not be a stud this season? I’ve seem Julio getting drafted way later than expected and it’s disrespectful. In this Titans offense, Jones will flourish because many teams many key in on running back Derrick Henry. Also don’t discount that AJ Brown could be a decoy possibly for Julio Jones.
  2. Kyler Murray- QB- Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals have a sneaky good team this year and Murray is a good part of it. Murray can throw it strong and rush it hard which is exactly what you need in a Fantasy Football QB. Count on this man to have a strong season especially with an upgraded defense which should put him in prime scoring positions.
  3. Aaron Rodgers- QB- Green Bay Packers: Despite not wanting to play for his team this season, Aaron Rodgers still has a good team around him. DeVante Adams is a stud and he also has Aaron Jones to hand the ball off to. Expect big numbers from A-Rod this season.
  4. Nick Chubb- RB- Cleveland Browns: Chubb is always a must have running back in Fantasy Football. A versatile player, Chubb can do mostly anything on the field. With an every down back like him – you can’t go wrong.
  5. Tyreek Hill- WR- Kansas City Chiefs: Tyreek Hill is a can’t miss player in Fantasy Football. His best weeks are better than most wide receivers seasons. Do not miss on the chance of drafting him.
  6. Antonio Gibson- RB- Washington Football Team: Gibson was a beast in 2020 racking up 170 carries for 795 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Washington offense should be better this season with Ryan Fitzpatrick behind center. Look for Gibson to have a huge season.
  7. Darren Waller- TE- Las Vegas Raiders: Darren Waller is a savage regardless of who is throwing to him. Derek Carr has been his QB for every season but look for Carr to look for Waller early and often in games. Waller is a very sure handed receiver and has an ability to get yards after the catch- don’t let him sneak down your draft board.
  8. Justin Tucker- K- Baltimore Ravens: Never think it’s too early to draft a kicker and Tucker is the best. Most kickers are hit or miss but trust Justin to give you at least 8 points a week. I always draft a kicker earlier than most and usually Tucker is my guy.
  9. Logan Thomas- TE- Washington Football Team: No, I’m not falling in love with Washington Football team players but this guy will be a stud. He is physical and sure handed which always bodes well for any tight end. Considering most teams will be locked in on WR Terry McLaurin, he is sure not to disappoint.
  10. Patriots- D/ST: Do not sleep on the Patriots at the defense/special teams position. This team has studs all across the ball on defense and will easily be a top 5 defense this year. With or without Stephon Gilmore this team looks good.


  1. Ben Roethisberger- QB- Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben has been a dud for many seasons. I wouldn’t draft him as a starter or backup. Stay clear away from Big Ben as he is an interception machine.
  2. Dak Prescott- QB- Dallas Cowboys: Sure, the Cowboys have great weapons but I’m not sure Dak can get them the ball. The Cowboys are a run heavy team and Zeke isn’t going anywhere. Plus Dak is injury prone and never reliable.;
  3. Saquon Barkley- RB- New York Giants: Saquon has great talent but never play a full season. I’d stay clear away from him if you are looking for someone reliable. In the later games of the season Saquon may prove me wrong but I wouldn’t draft him at the position he is going lately.
  4. Austin Ekeler- RB- Los Angeles Chargers: Although Ekeler, has been great in past seasons don’t expect him to be great this year. A lot of teams have figured out his running style and Justin Herbert has to rely on a different guy. Do not expect Ekeler to have a good year.
  5. Odell Beckham JR- WR- Cleveland Browns: I never rely on OBJ. He is an ego maniac and unreliable. A very streaky player is never one you need in Fantasy Football. Look for someone more in my sleepers.
  6. Henry Ruggs- WR- Las Vegas Raiders: Ruggs was great in college and an intriguing pick but don’t put your faith in him. The Raiders won’t be too great and Ruggs won’t be anything to write home about- don’t draft him.
  7. Zach Ertz- TE- Philadelphia Eagles: Mr. Ertz is often injury prone and in a loaded TE room in Philly, I wouldn’t rely too much on him. On the worse side of 30, Ertz is not worth drafting as a starter or on your bench.
  8. TJ Hockenson- TE- Detroit Lions: Although Hocksenson has been ranked as the 6th best TE in some leagues, I wouldn’t draft him unless as a bench player. I don’t rely on Jared Goff getting him the ball much and the Lions usually suck. Steer clear of Hockenson.
  9. Texans- D/ST: This team looks good on paper but I wouldn’t draft them if you paid me. With Deshaun Watson out most likely the whole season this defense is going to see a lot of time on the field.
  10. Browns- D/ST: This team seemingly has a lot of playmakers but can’t always put it together at times. Plus, Baker Mayfield can throw untimely picks which leads to bad situations. Don’t reach for this defense and special teams


  1. QB- Mac Jones- New England Patriots: Don’t expect Jones to light things up initially but he will be a good pick. With great coaching and developmental skill position players the Patriots should help with his transition. Look for Mac to throw for 20+ TD’s this season.
  2. QB- Kyler Murray- Arizona Cardinals: Murray can be absolute stud in Fantasy Football. As both a passing and rushing threat, these are always the type of quarterbacks you look for. I won’t steer you wrong with this sleeper whether as a bench player or starter.
  3. RB- Kareem Hunt- Cleveland Browns: Hunt is a shifty and sneaky good player. Behind Nick Chubb, Hunt can thrive in short yardage and passing down situations. Never sleep on Kareem Hunt.

This article shall continue on tomorrow. More Studs, Duds, and Sleepers tomorrow.

By: Joshua Marion

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Overdraft: From The Bypass Boyz [9/4/21]

Wisconsin -5.5
Maryland +3
Abilene Christian +31
Cal / Nevada Over 52.5
Georgia / Clemson Over 52.5
Illinois -5
Syracuse -1
Miami (FL) +19.5
Texas Tech +1.5
Texas / Louisiana-Lafayette Over 58
Rutgers -14.5

Good luck, and remember: Take the points, leave the cannoli.

[The Bypass Boyz are currently 6-2-1]

*This advice was generated at great expense by using a complicated proprietary algorithm that studied mountains of data which came to the determination that the most consistent way to beat Vegas is to bet against the plays of Dan Lifshatz.

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inaugural ‘overdraft’: gambling advice from The bypass boyz

These are the prime Glengarry leads and leans from our world famous gout gang.

Bowling Green +33
Boise State Under 67.5
New Hampshire Over 38
Coastal Carolina Over 56.5
Florida International Over 49
Tennesse Tech +12
Houston Baptist +24.5
Ohio State -14
North Carolina -5.5

Good luck, and remember to avoid bad ‘betes!

*This advice was generated at great expense by using a complicated proprietary algorithm that studied mountains of data which came to the determination that the most consistent way to beat Vegas is to bet against the plays of Dan Lifshatz.

For more gambling content, follow Lifshatz watchdog @stever324 on Twitter.