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March Sadness – The Sorry Sixteen – Results

C Region
V Region
N Region
T Region

Lou Merloni defeats Mike Felger. Not a sentence that gets written often but applies here. Across the way, Squeaky Mazz loses to his show’s receptionist. Globies win out in the V Region, with Dan perhaps coasting on reputation. Kid Gas doubtless ebullient at his coup over Keefe. Bedard in a no-doubter over Kusnierek after a bloc of illegal votes were excluded, and the 7 seed Tom E. overtops the 6 seeded Marc B. T Region could stand for Ted, who wins handily, and Ben Volin was never in danger of losing to the once-menacing Bert Breer.

These Eight will face off Monday, March 28th.

(Stick tap to @cpaul512 for assisting with the graphics package.)

March Sadness R32 Region N and Region T -Results – Subsequent Six


Some boat races, a squeaker, and some shocking upsets out of the N & T Regions. The #1 seeds move on handily, the 7 seed Tom E. ekes out #2 Gresh by the slimmest of margins, while Ted Johnson does better against a surprisingly competitive Matt McCarthy.

But it’s the two Six seeds upsetting the threes that tells the story here. A late groundswell pushed Dan Lifshatz to victory over Alex Reimer, while across the way in the N Region, Marc Bertrand pulls out a W against the very disliked Adam Jones. A group of dedicated single-issue voters sweeping in to protect their beloved reverend sport buzzard, or whatever? Who can say?

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