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Who is Jake in Boston?

A few days ago, a billboard disparaging the wise owl (???) coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, appeared on RTE 1 to much promotion from 98.5 The Sports Hub.

If the moniker “Jake in Boston” wasn’t enough of a tell that this is a deranged sports radio fan who has had their thinking so twisted up that they’d spend thousands of dollars to shit on his alleged favorite team to get attention from his Hub heroes, then his updated version of the billboard sure made it clear. Citing coaching tree record, a trivial concept that Belichick has zero control over and doesn’t exist anywhere but in the world of call-in sports talks.

Seems like somebody wants attention. But he’s sending mixed messages. Having his face blurred out for a television interview, as if he thinks he delivered a literal killshot to the eight time Super Bowl winning coach and has entered witness protection.


Well, it doesn’t work like that, cupcake.


From an interview a while back:

Jake likes billboards, apparently.
Jake from State Hospital? IJATQC.

Who is Jake from Boston?

Exactly who you thought he was.

Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer: Emergency Cam Newton Edition

Bill is Bill again and all is right in the world.

Cam Newton released, Spulpits, coffee girls hardest hit.

It’s a good thing Cam is so genuinely nice, otherwise that means the self-described tough & cynical Boston Sports media all got fooled.

Interesting. Belichick admitting his draft mistake of not trading up for Mac Jones, even if his arrogance won’t allow him to just come out admit it.

If anything Newton is a system quarterback. That system is Tecmo Bowl.

Fits. Cam wore them, and also gave New England fans them.

Next media move will be how Bill fucked over all the free-agents who came to Foxboro for Cam.

I think Bill said to himself: “Would Greg Bedard just give Mac the keys already? Yes, he would, and that is the only way forward.”

Can’t wait for Jac Colinsworth’s in depth analysis of the Cam Newton release.

Another miss for Fake Spike King.

No designed run plays for Cam in presason was a tell, in retrospect.

Prior to the news I felt like that striped shirt-wearing Jets fan trying to rationalalize selecting Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino. “Obviously Bill knows something the people up here don’t.” Everybody wuz sayin McCorkle.

I wonder is Stidhsy jumped out of the pedicure chair when he read the Cam news today.

The best thing about losing Cam Newton is losing his Tebow-like fanbase who, like a cult, follow him wherever he goes and blames everyone but him for every mistake he makes. Good riddance.

Props to TEC, who was on an island among the media saying it was still a competition.

Does Belichick leave for his dream job with the Giants now and grab Cam again on the cheap?

An unvaccinated, shotputting quarterback is a competitive disadvantage.

And this had to happen with the pandemic-related additional uneployment benefits ending in Massachusetts this weekend.

I guess Bill thinks Mac Jones is better than Ryan Mallett.

by̾e̺ ̣b̖ͧy̅e̝ ̰C̈́am̠̆

( Compiled from the15 and various BSMW board alumni accounts. )

The Glenn Ordway Boston Media narrative:  Not so fast, my friends

Glengarry Glenn Ordway

If you’re a regular reader of, you’re familiar with the phrase ‘Boston Sports Media is an incestuous cesspool’.

This has never been more true in the case of the most recent “retirement” (Kathryn Hahn Wink Dot JPG) of Glenn Ordway, 21st Century radio’s answer to “What if Eddie Andelman’s Sons Don’t Take Away His TracFone?” Glennie always loathed Eddie, which is amusing because Ordway is what he loathed.


A Steve Buckley comparison to WEEI Ordway 2.0 could be elderly Willie Mays falling on his face during the ’73 World Series, but OMF isn’t close ratings-wise for any playoff. OMF Ordway is staggeringly bad, but Glenn’s bloated ego is worse. He’s 1510 The Zone Eddie Andelman, just not as interesting. Ordway’s legacy is more complicated than Steve Buckley’s Athletic fluff job and Pissant Alex Reimer’s fawning piece on the unvisited would have you believe. Boston media might be the only free market where competition doesn’t improve the product. Boston media is insular. They don’t want to improve, compete, or be criticized; they want to keep their gigs without any heavy lifting. That is Glenn Ordway’s Boston Media legacy. Chisel that one on his gravestone.

The lack of anyone in mainstream media to offer criticism – spare me Charred Finn and Pissant Reimer, PR flacks under the guise of media critics – enables this. Paraphrasing Finn as done on the late Boston Sports Media is a family. A Crime Family.

Glenn Ordway was smug Senator Geary after meeting Michael in Tahoe. I’m not saying he murdered a prostitute in a brothel, caller; I’m just asking the question. (That’s how you do it, right, Glenn?)

“Here’s the thing Mister Corleone; you can never have, enough pitching!”

Ordway was a man with no term limits in a one-party state. Never as smart as he thought, Ordway was caught off guard and gassed for Mike Fucking Salk at the end of his first run at EEI. He was relegated to the internet – a platform he once mocked – to do shows with guests bribed with expired gift cards.

OMF Ordway 2.0 never mattered. He was handed a guaranteed contract given by inept, desperate Entercom management, and he mailed it in daily. Ordway 2.0 was Pablo Sandoval.

LJ loves Glenn, he really does, Craig.

Ordway is the Godfather of modern Sports Media in Boston. That’s not a compliment.


He double-dipped on his duplicity by going all-in on a ticket scalping scheme with his friend/co-host Fred Smerlas in the mid-nineties with the “Patriots Tailgate” glorified tent at Rodman Ford – a vendor Ordway had in his hip pocket – where they marked up tickets to Parcells/Bledsoe era games at Foxboro Stadium by multiples of multiples in exchange for lukewarm hot dogs and potato salad while Steve DeOssie sweated on patrons inhaling his cigar smoke.

Ordway was a staunch Bledsoe over Brady guy and mocked his audience for suggesting otherwise. Good call, Fredo.

(040308, Boston, MA) the man of the hour Glenn Ordway at the annual Whiney Awards hosted by Glenn Ordway at the Wang theater. Thursday, April 03, 2008. (Staff photo by Stuart Cahill)

Ordway gave Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges additional prominent platforms. He did the same for Alex Reimer and John Tomase. Two-thirds of the Unholy Trinity of current Boston radio, Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti, were regulars on the old Big Show. The Big Show was dreadful performance art. Facts didn’t matter, strawmen and fabricated narrativez did. The Whiner Line existed in no small part because the hosts weren’t funny or smart enough to create their own material. Ordway made a living for close to 50 years making fun of athletes, managers, coaches, and GMs, yet when BSMW’s Bruce Allen offered mild, thoughtful criticism of him on a website Glenn claimed nobody read, he would spend segments railing against Bruce and his Boston Sports Media Watch site. No one was more thin-skinned than the Big O.

Well, that didn’t work as planned.

Ordway the Program Director repeatedly killed Ordway the host, failing to see where media was headed as early as 2001 and derisively casting aside bloggers like Allen, Bill Simmons (I know, I know) and Dave Portnoy as losers in their mother’s basements. I’ll guess Ordway didn’t possess the self-awareness to see the irony when he was relegated to his wife’s attic for the Big Show Unfiltered podcast, which was less successful than The Gerry Callahan Q-Anon Hour sponsored by Shea Concrete, The Greg Bedard Podcast or Entitled Town.

Despite this, Ordway owns a house overlooking the ocean in Cohasset, proving a sucker is born every minute.

Ordway took a farewell tour when he got fired for Mike Salk 8.5 years ago,but yet again Ordway is getting thrown out on his ass due to illness: Listeners are sick of him. (Apologies for recycling a Howie Carr joke.) For most, getting fired again for underperformance after being replaced by Salkie and then being teamed with two ex-jocks on a fourth tier radio station would be shameful, but Glenn Ordway is incapable of shame.

OMF ‘is the sound you make when you see your show came in fourth, Again.

Ordway was an exceptional opportunist, give him that. He was an outrage profiteer, feasting on the misery of his customers. If that is a talent, he’s talented. If Ordway is the Godfather of anything, he’s the Godfather of Gaslighting.

He’s Exhibit A for the prosecution in the landmark Turn Off Your Radios case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Seriously. Turn off your radios.