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Following the passing of Boston sports legend, Bill Russell, many of you may have noticed the disgusting attempts by certain notorious local ghouls to profiteer off of his death by leveraging the grief that we all feel into gains for their personal media brand. We have noticed this as well, and with high degree of distress.

After prayerful thought and in heeding the advisement of our counsel, we have settled our pending litigation with Vernon Dozier and re-installed him as our multi-sport beat writer effective immediately.

We now recognize that his extensive reporting about one Shukri Wrights was in fact correct, and admit that Mr. Dozier’s termination was indeed wrongful. We are pleased that rights can be wronged and fences mended in this case. Mr. Wrights’ attention seeking behavior over the past 24 hours has been deplorable, and perfectly fits the pattern that Vernon Dozier so painstakingly laid out previously. Shukri wandered around the city of Boston looking for cameras during a time that called for introspection. He made a video comparing himself to Bill Russell on a day where dropping our ego to venerate the greatness we just lost should’ve been the order of the day. We now stand by that prior reporting and blindly vouch for what he’ll continue to unearth in the future about this and other topics.

Vernon, welcome home.

— Steve Bosell, Managing Editor

A Few Words From Mr. Dozier:

I am pleased to reunite with my family at The15. Some harsh words have been exchanged in the last few months, but no bridges burned. No lasting harm done.

This kind of reconciliation is really not all that uncommon when you think about it in sports terms. For example, sometimes baseball teams trade away players in the final year of their contract, and then bring that player back via free agency following the season.

I’m willing to be at the bottom again, to earn back my readership. I’m a team player and will do whatever is needed of me to win. A switch hitter, to borrow another example from my beloved baseball. It’s great to be docking with you all again on this beautiful pirate ship. But pirates sail, and we will embark again amidst a sea of subpar sports media. We will be cruising again in no time.

It’s very gratifying to have my reporting completely vindicated. I pledge to continue to give my readers the unassailable truth.

— VD

March Sadness Championship Match

This time, it’s personal.
Blah Blah Blah.

A scent reminiscent of…triumphalism?

We are here, the main event. Greg A. Bedard versus Chris Gasper. They know one another. You know them. But they do not know you, because, in all likelihood you are muted or blocked. Payback time. The poll will remain open for the remainder of today until 1:30 PM EDT on Tuesday, April 5th. Thank you all so much for your keen interest in the return of March Sadness.

The Path to the Championship:

Rolling over his competitors with the legendary strength of a Recruited Walk-on.
Almost lost to Bean, squeaked by Shank, but Kid Gas is not to be trifled with.

March Sadness Results – The Four You Deplore Winners & Consolation Match

Don’t expect to see much of this picture over the next 72 hours. At all.
You tried, Large Gym and Little Ben.

The March Sadness Final Matchup is set. Almost A Coach Greg A. Bedard of (for now) the Boston Sports Journal versus Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe. Due to overwhelming interest, there will now be a consolation match between the runners-up. Noontime EDT today until noontime EDT tomorrow Sunday April 3rd. Championship Monday after that. Thank you for your interest in ridiculing mediots. cheers.

March Sadness – The Hateable Eight – Results

Murray – Bedard & Gasper – Volin will duke it out as the Four You Deplore Friday, April 1st, Championship TBD on Monday April 4th. Thank you to all the voters, readers, and assorted hangers-on.

We’re making a mockery of Lou’s trip to the Big Dance!
Monsterthrottled. You’re out, Tom.
A triumph of faux erudition over decades of laziness. Yay?
Have bigger screencap graphics! We can’t!

A PSA for the Boston Sports Media

Negativity without context does not equal objectivity. Objectivity with context may be negative.

We all get it. You hate success. It has never been clearer than now. For you, every Patriots’ failure is another meaningless participation trophy for you to run around and show off weekdays from 2-6 like proud eight year-olds.

Instead, you should be asking yourselves; what will the Patriots learn from this failure? Bill Belichick has been giving a master class in how to run an NFL team for the past twenty years and you’ve missed the opportunity to document it. Instead of seeking to understand and learn, you’ve been hunting relentlessly for your participation trophies. Congratulations! Your bookcase is now adorned with useless trinkets. Instead of improving yourselves, you’ve patted you colleagues on the back whenever the receive the “Best Stupid Question” trophy at a press conference.

I have been a Patriots fan since the mid 1970’s. I have seen the team succeed and fail. Never, after the Bears Super Bowl, could I have imagined what has happened here over the past 20 years.

I have seen your colleagues damn a Belichick draft pick, and then have to present that same draft pick’s case to the Hall of Fame committee. I have heard the whispering and criticism of every move made by the Patriots over the past 20 years.

And now, finally, I’ve had enough. I haven’t listened to sports radio in a year and I feel 1000 times more free to bask in the greatness of what we are seeing. When you gather your trophies on Belichick’s failures, he realizes his mistakes, considers why it was a mistake and improves for next time.

4th and 2? Sucked. But they took their shot. Sometimes it fails. So while you made a special place for that little trophy, Belichick went back to the drawing board to come up with a new set of options for that scenario. Who knows, maybe they still do the same thing.

Lookit! Lookit!

Success isn’t linear, and the fact we’ve been able to enjoy nearly linear success for 20 years is unique. Your bookshelf of trophies should be a reminder that Belichick has made that many mistakes and has gained that much experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, all you do is tell everyone about the trophies you have. It’s an empty achievement.

The media in this town have not grown in 20 years. It’s really quite amazing to not grow in this rich experience of football. Belichick, with Brady’s cooperation has rebuilt this team multiple times, through both the draft and free agency, Does Belichick hit on more draft picks than other teams? Probably not. But by accumulating more picks, he has a better chance of adding more players to his roster. If he has a 50% success rate and adds more draft picks than other teams, then it’s likely he gets one more good player out of the draft. Belichick needs 53 football players, and he probably doesn’t care how he does it.

So again; objectivity with context can be negative. Negativity without context is not objectivity.

How do the Patriots compare to other teams (besides 6 Super Bowl wins in 20 years) with respect to draft and free agency? Do they add more players than other teams? Are they more successful or less successful at certain positions? Show a comparison to other teams. Analyzing one team’s results in the draft is not objective unless it is compared to others,

No one is impressed with your collection of participation trophies. Go get some scars and show them to us. Scars show you did something, took a risk, learned a lesson and came back stronger. Belichick is covered in scars. You should be too.

Not impressed. At all.

(Originally written March 25, 2021)

March Sadness – The Sorry Sixteen – Results

C Region
V Region
N Region
T Region

Lou Merloni defeats Mike Felger. Not a sentence that gets written often but applies here. Across the way, Squeaky Mazz loses to his show’s receptionist. Globies win out in the V Region, with Dan perhaps coasting on reputation. Kid Gas doubtless ebullient at his coup over Keefe. Bedard in a no-doubter over Kusnierek after a bloc of illegal votes were excluded, and the 7 seed Tom E. overtops the 6 seeded Marc B. T Region could stand for Ted, who wins handily, and Ben Volin was never in danger of losing to the once-menacing Bert Breer.

These Eight will face off Monday, March 28th.

(Stick tap to @cpaul512 for assisting with the graphics package.)

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