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2022 Christmas/Holiday Mixtape Playlist

(Dear The15net dot com Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is a musical playlist for your particular winter holiday enjoyment. And everyone else who stayed off the naughty list this year. Click HERE to download. Additional song suggestions are welcomed in the comments. )

Rene The Red-Nosed Rancourt- The New Original Six

It’s Yuletide In Manhattan Where I Live- PK and the Fingerwaggers

The Little Dumber Boy – JoeRay2199

Joshy Got Run Over By a Reindeer – The Dunkin Duet

White Christmas (And Every Other Day) – Gerry and the Callahans

Fleece Nobby Dad – Shukri Wright and the Nightmares

In Dulci Jewbilo – Gabby and her All Starr Band

I Saw Mommy Kissing Gene Lavanchy – The Felger 5

NORAD’s Tracking Santa? (That’s a violation of the TOS!) – Ron Catamount Muskmelon

Blew Christmas – DJ Bean and the Gloryhole Seekers

Where Did I Say It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? – Steve and The Atamians

Last Christmas (Hopefully) – Upton Bell & Vito Stellino

All I Kept for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) – Kelbo Thompkins and the 200 Line

All Abroad the Sleigh Ride! – The Shunettes

Peace on Earth, Sox Pax on Sale – America’s Most Beloved Ticket Office

Baby It’s Cold Outside, And Here’s A 90 Second Video To Prove It – BHL

The Medfield Carol – Section 334 Chorus

The Little Drummer Goy – Gabz & the Golden Menorahs

Gabby the Glizzy Gobbler – Roy Rogers

My Snow Hat’s Now In A Snowbank (and That’s Nowhere For It To Be)- Volin’s Simple Brain

Do You See What I SAW? – Lil Redding

Low, How A Chaim E’er Spending – Trans Commonwealthian LGBTQIA+ Orchestra

A Coachman’s Christmas- Oswald Brougham and the Knowledge

Fairy-tail of New York – DJ Bean

All I Want For Christmas (Is Jews) – Gabby and her All Starr Band

Do They Know It’s Christmas, Loser? – Band AIDS

Santa Got His Bag, Now He Needs His Flowers – Zwarte Peabsy

I’m Hearing That the Carolers Are Wishing You a Merry Christmas – Albert Breer

Baby it’s Cold Inside, Babe – Roger & Josh

Walk Rudolph Walk – Shuk Berry

The Nutrocker Suite- A Daily Pounding

Christmas Means That Truck Day’s Rounding Third – Merle Samuel Hornsen

Frosty; A Man Made of Snow? WOW – Steve Burton

A White Christmas? Nooo! – Billy Smafia

All I Want for Christmas is Shu Videos – The 15 Collaborative Choir

Jingle Balls – BJ Dean and the Blackburns

Do Astronauts Get Mistletoe Instead Of Athlete’s Foot? –Little Tiny Jerry Thornton & The Rimshots

Oh Come, All Ye Smoothies – ET Weekend Choir

Pinned Mittens- Rumford Eagle

The Christmas Song – Mensa Matt

O’ Tannenbaum (He’s Done It Again!) – Winning The Back Page

The Carol of Bert Bell – Meek Mill

My Nuts Sitting on Your Open Chest – Sal King Cole

A Child’s Christmas At The Whalers- The Brass Bonanzeers

Oh Christmas Sales- Shalize Navidad

I Wanna Rocketcar For Hannukkah- Rickkyboy and the Scofflaws

Big Dong Merrily On Thigh – The Wallfloorers

A Visit From St. Nicholas- recited by The Honorable Thomas M. Menino (deceased)

Christmas Time is Here (instrumental) – Ron Poster

Jag fick ditt svenska ‘Yule Log’ här – Rubber Volvo

Have Yourself A Murray Hewett Christmas- Flight Of The Conchords w/Thirdkill   

Santa Baby – Bianca de la Garza                    

S’Wonderful Life- Suzy Zou Bisou (With First String Kevin)

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime/Step Into Christmas- Avenged Sevenfold

Christmas In Millis – Average White Band

CORI the Snowman – Steve Autry and the Middlesex County Boys

Winter Wonderland T Stop – Pierre Nightmare

Christmas (Daddy Please Come Home) – Deedsy Jr.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Because I’m Unemployed) – Bing Mutnansky

The Twelve Days of Beating Every Topic Into the Ground – Boston Media All Stars United for Charity

(Photo courtesy of North Pole’s Own Patrick.)

From The 15 Vault – The 2020 Labor Day Playlist

(Originally published September 5th, 2020)

Its ovah.

Dear BJBSJ Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is a musical playlist for your Labor Day Weekend enjoyment. Click HERE to download. Songs to enjoy as you stay six feet apart and, because you’ve been so good with following the rules, you can listen in any order. Suggestions for additional tracks are welcomed.

  • Watermelon – Mezerg
  • I’ll Drop Tears For Ya – Cancel Culture Club
  • This is Mitch Moreland – Gabby Guthrie
  • Dick Move – Chico and the Baseball Boys
  • Snoop TKO – Teddy Suyourass
  • 25 or 6 to 4 – TC and the Final Scores
  • Shipping Up to Hymietown – The Droptears McNultys
  • Silly Summer Tourney – Saldo Nova
  • Seatwarmer – Steve Roenicke and the Marked Men
  • Wide Right – The 3 Percenters
  • Good Rockin’ Tonight – Commander Sarandis and His Retractable Dome Air Patrol
  • The Mins Are Alt Right – The Whom
  • Mama Said Knock You Out – Team Simone
  • In the Year 2020 – Zager and Absolutely No Evan’s
  • Eight and Eight Here We Come – TJM and the Technicolor All-Stars
  • Dave’s Not Herr – Jewel (acoustic)
  • Do You Know the Way to BJBSJ? – The Massachusetts State Police Marching Band
  • Franzia Energy – The Dear Wifeys
  • There Is Nothin’ Like A Dame – Cast of South Pacific
  • Never Learn Not To Love – The Beach Boys
  • Working (From Home) Man – Power Ceiling
  • Love Theme to Untitled Gary Tanguay Project – Burt Bacharach
  • Qwite Fwankly – Qwiet Wiot
  • Happy Worker Song – Shigeyoshi Wholesome Entertainment and Vending Concern Song Group
  • Jeepin’ N Weepin’ – Drivin N Cryin
  • A Spoonful of Sugar – OBF and the 3 Livers
  • There’s One Good Sunday For Apple Picking, And This One Just Ain’t It – The Postermen
  • The Last Belt Notch Blues – The Quarantine Fifteen
  • Josie (Is Not the Name of This Song) – W.A. Brown
  • Stuck Truck Blues – Norton Adams & The State Collegians (Live)
  • Bellingham to Boston – The Seven Dollar Meatballs
  • Summer Dollars – Amity High School Concert Band
  • We Will Follow You Into the Dark – Deathcab for Kirkie
  • The Boys of Summer –Tru C Royle
  • BHP – Brie2Brie (with Fun Uncle Carlos)
  • Bass Rocks – Willie Alexander
  • On Top of Spaghetti – Pasta & The Good Kids
  • Paddle Board (live w/ monologue) – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • Family Emergency – Bubble Poppin’ Tuukkas
  • We Gefilte This City – Starrship
  • I Hope You Weren’t Driving Also – Regular Brian and the Granite State Finger-Wags
  • Sweater Girl Weather – Pneumatic Uzbeks
  • Shock Jock Talk – Royal Jen & The Planning Board
  • B-hole Pics – Asstec Camera
  • Killing Him Softly With My Picks/ Bill the GM
  • Cause I’m Black Y’all – Elle D
  • Summertime – UnderLemon: A Tribute to Badfish (with Splenda Rae)
  • (I May) Lie Down Again – The Dear Wifeys
  • Ratted and Shunned – Dave Brown and His Band of Renown
  • Night Scratching – R.E.M.D.A.W.G.
  • No Money No Problems – The Rabbi’s Daughter
  • It’s Designed to Break Your Heart – Lady BoSox and the Little Green Monsters
  • Storm Window SZN – The Hot Stovers

The 2022 Labor Day Weekend Playlist

Nobody on the Road. Nobody on the beach.

(Dear The15net dot com Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is the return of the musical playlist for your Labor Day enjoyment. Songs of Summer ending, songs of Autumnal beginnings. And songs about work. Now during even numbered years, apparently. Click HERE to download.)

Baby Come Back – Fat Charlotte

Beautiful Texas Sunshine – Poachable Spurs

SIDEBAR (Nubian a Nuisance remix) – Dart Adams

I Tout le Mond – Ugly Kid Gas

Sometimes Dead is Better – The Hillside Road Vipers

This Land Is My Land, This Land Is My Land – Arlo Shukrie

Climate Grief Blues – Imposter

Visualization Of The Space Mind Gargamel Part XVIII: Lighthouse Dust Medallion – Dero Spedes

There Ain’t No Money in Wood – Alarmingly Big Little Peters

Mayor Wu – Steely Dan

You Try Quitting Quiet I Will Fire You Loud You Dumb Son Of A Bitch – Tiger Mike

Atlantic City – Chiggsy & The Referbs

Shukri in the Sky and Whatnot – The Bullgangers

Everybody’s Working For the Weekend (except me because I don’t get consecutive days off) – Josh and the Jelly Sticks

September Morn – GG Allin

SZNs of Twitter – Aerosmith featuring Spike King

This Is the Time – Olivia Rodrigo

The Loneliness of a Long Distance Drinker – The Popes!

Mama was a Wheelman – Ye-Ho Shua

Take The Over And Shove It (wherever you want) – BetQL Paycheck

Safety Dance – Men Without Coordinators

He Touched Me, Pete – The Braintree Catholic Boys School Choir

Unreal – CLN&S

I Write the Songs, Kevin – Bert Bellson

Turtleboy Rocks – Vernelton John

You’re So Vain (When did I say this song is about you, Mike?) – Carly Simonize

Return of The Mac – Hopes & Dreams

Concrete Workers of the World, Unite! – Comrade Callahan

This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) – Ace

We Need Real Rain For This Fake Drought – Ron Muskmelon Catamount

Secret Giants Fan – Shukri Rivers

iono – Lil Lul Lol

I Walk The Orange Line – Charlie Card

Christmas In September – Mose Allston

Mr. Mine Owner (Just Let ‘im Decide) – Bruce Springsteen – Old Goofball Board Sessions

1 to 9 – Dolly Marton

Another Employee Bites the Dust – Freddie Kirkury

September – Earthwind Moreland

Pumpkin Spice Girls – Gord Marley and the Whalers

Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Valuencers

No Sleep Till Brookline – Big Shuk and the Carpetbaggers

G2 Blues – Elvis Berkley

Lucy and the Cry With Overs – The Bad Beatles with Turtle Turtle

Hang On Snoopy – Libations?

The Clown/Did I Say to Take the Money and Run? – Stever Mille Band

Tall Trees in Georgia – Buffy Sainte-Merrimack

Narcos (bass clef remix) – Tammy Tuba (with Trombone Shorty and Barry Tone)

(Have a song suggestion? Or a compliment? Leave it in the comments! Enjoy!)

2022 Memorial Day Weekend Mixtape Playlist

Good pliability and sand in pants, toe gription needs work.

(Dear The15net dot com Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is the now-traditional musical playlist for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Click HERE to download.)

Psychosomatic Killer – Talking hEDS

Where’s the Glory, Trevor Story? – Bandbox

Isn’t Us England – Drive Shaft

If You’re Ever Down in Texas, Look Me Up – Chica Venezuela Diecinueve

We Got You Babe- Tony Bono & Share

Not if You Were the Last Referee On Earth – The Andy Mikehols

Can’t Escape (The Penis Coolata Song) – Josh Duncan and the Antoinettes

Sale Setback Blues – Turkeypie Jefferson

I Touch Myself – DiTurtyles (Explicit Wanker Spanker version)

M.A.G.A. – Franklin Village People

Boat Drinks? – Snoopy J. Buffett (Keno Multiplier Mix)

You Dropped a Bomb on Media Mike – The GAP Insurance Band

Early Morning Drag – Gunther Lightfoot

Strange Crew – the15

Mysterious Wamps – Achtung Braintree (And Yet U2 Follow cover band, Stephen Bono acapella version)

Anarchy in Fwamingham – The Matt Pistols

Peter Puffer – Run T.E.C.

(I Don’t Deserve) Lithium – Carvana

The Second to Last Thing I Saw – Caporegime Cody and the Ten Consecutive Titals

Werewolves Of Lynn Tech – Vinnie Zevon

In Sports Anthem – lmao

Shukri’s Q – Beantown Dirtywater Revival

Taut, Hot, and 19 – Bertie B.

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town Giving Milk to Layabouts Who Don’t Have $2.99 Left On Their EBT Card – Government Cheese

Jambalaya – Three Cone Drill

“Don’t Stand so Close to Steve (In school zones) – The Police

Amber Tamblyn Man – The Crossmen

She’s from Peabody – Toby Peabs

Wedding Song (There is Love) – Stidhsy & Kennedy

Yer Electric Car (It Runs on Coal) – Ron Muskmelon Caramount

You’re The Cream in my Coffee, Babe – Nashua King Cole

Lucy In Disguise (With Funbags) – Cam D. Scapp and his Onlyfans Band

Ganger’s Paradise – Hathaway

I Wouldn’t Buy a Used Car From Steve – Norma Jean

Generic Aviators – ZayinZayin Top

Shukri (not) Christian – Night Rangers Fan

Where the Streets Have No Name, Except for Hillside Drive – The Other Bono

G.A.P. – Naughty by Stever

F Left 372 Y Stick Z Spot – Scatter to West Right Tight

Sorry Mr. Kent Jackson – OutKast Chat

Amazing Football Brain – BTS

Visualization Of The Space Mind Gargamel XIX: Gasper Wears Capri Pants – Dero Spedes

Manic Monday – The Marionettes

The Tears of a Clown/Tunnel Closure Blues – Lil Jerry Thornton

Muffin Man – Frank Zappa

Newsbunny Main Theme – Michael Giacchino, composer

A Room of My Own (Stay out) – Roger Joel

Deeds – Teejay

Benny and the Hurds – Road Crew

(Have a song suggestion? Or a compliment? Leave it in the comments!)

From The15 Vault – 2020 Memorial Day Playlist

(Originally Published May 23, 2020) 

New Normal?

(Dear BJBSJ Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is a musical playlist for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Click HERE to download. Songs to enjoy as you stay six feet apart and not on the dunes. Suggestions for a third disk are welcomed.)

Disk One:

1.Lucille/The Girl Can’t Help It – Little Richard (Live in Boston 1970)

2. Use Me – Bill Withers

3. Chinese Duplicity – Dry Coughing

4. You Are What Your Record Says You Are – The Silverized Tracksuits

5. A Wee Dram of Vacation – The Irish Rovers

6. Cowboy From New Canaan – Kelbo Thompkins and the 200 Line

7. Ghost/Tosser – The Erhardt/Perkins Progression

8.Leaving Las Vegas – The Dearly Bedarded

9. Social Distance Dance – Men Without Masks

10. Kites To Kevin – MCLC

11. Grandma Got Run Over By a Jeeple – JimBot01960

12. Can’t Exceed the CBT Blues – The Baseball Paperists

13. The Belichick, The – Sideshow Ben

14. For Carl It’s Worth It – Buffalo2Springfield

15. When I’m Small – Phantogram

16. For Your Muff – The Yardale Birds

17. The Ballad of Tom And Yoko – The Tompa Baytles

18. Brianna’s Mom – Fountains of Dave

19. You’re Here To See Me – Joe West Coast

20. [S]he got game – Ty Tell9ine with W.A. Brown

21. Sunshine (Is the Best Disinfectant) – The Goodman Orange Project

22. Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

Disc Two:

23. Unsirius (Boston Sports Journal Entrance Music) – Casio SK1 Ensemble

24. Pasta88 – Jackie Brenston and the Good Kids

25. Brown’s Sugars – the Golan Stones

26. Ice Ain’t Lit – Vlad Ducasse Reporting As Eligible

27. Lucille – Kenny Rogers

28. Was Daily Now Weekly – The Sad Onions

29. COVID Bug Killed the Culinary Star – Jenny & the Krylonettes

30. Mister Postman – The Sals

31. America (Wasn’t Built To Be Shut Down) – Ron Muskmelon Catamount

32. Literally Crying (Johnny Pesky) – Gabs and the Starfish

33. Chess King Calculus – Gord Marley and The Whalers

34. Oh Tawm (You’re Out) – Fictional Friction

35. Turtle Turtle Black Thumbs Up – No Consequence

36. Who’s Ducking Who? – Kyrie and the Flat Earth Warriors

37. Instant Tattoo Analysis – The Ol’ 97 Percenters

38. Zoinks! – The Plain Black Hats

39. Visualization Of The Space Mind Gargamel: An Abundance of Caution – Dero Spedes

40. YYZ – Rush

41. TB12’s Travelling Pliability Show – Joe “Ol’ Foot Locker” McBanjodick

42. When You’re Smiling – Eddie Peabody

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The 2021 Memorial Day Mixtape Playlist

Covers! And originals.

(Dear The15net dot com Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is a musical playlist for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Click HERE to download. Songs to enjoy as you learn to socialize ouside again. Additional song suggestions are welcomed in the comments. )

part one

Squidneck Nights – Avenged Fifteenfold

Gettin’ It Back Together (Odin Lloyd mix) – MC WhaCx Beenz

Renumberin’ the Exits on Highway 61 (It’s all a Big Lie) – Ron Muskmelon Catamount

I Hate Myself and Want To Die – Gregvana

Everyone Has AIDS – Lease: The Musical Official Soundtrack Album

One Way Train – The Concussed McNultys

Vacation – The Gabs Gabs

Wear Your Mask Save the Olympics – Shigeyoshi Wholesome Entertainment and Vending Concern Water Spiders Song Group

Swallowed On A Drive (Love Ya, Dad) – The Gaspers

Dog on the Road – AC/DC

Love Theme to ‘Coptown’ – Tacoma Bernstein

MmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmMmmmbop – Greg thee Dee.

Burners in the House – Talking Marvs

Total Eclipse of the Heart (club remix) – DJ Dukati and Combat Skill Level X

Be A Man – Macho Man Randy Savage

Glory (Hole) Days – Gary Tanguay and the D Lister Band

Blowin’ Russell In The Wind – Bob Ryan

Cupcake – Tulips For Salgernon

Hi Marv – Twentythree Pilots Avenged Seventeenfold

GaGa For Radio, We Will Block You—>We Are In Sports – Yasss Queen from (Here’s Some) Live AIDS

Masters of WAR – Freewheelin’ Chaim

The KKK Took My Loyko Away – The Dearly Bedarded

Fam First – Lumpy Bigs

Pour Some Sugar on Me Coffee, Tanya – Shannon Sharpe

Need Runs Tonight/Ameliorate – GSTR

part two

Meathead Rolodex – Sex Furniture

One – The Unathletic

Mask Off (Hunting for Bargains) – Turtle Boi feat. Colonel Callahan

Pod Like Nobody’s Watching – Iggy Bedard and Nicky the Hat

Epicycle – Luminiferous Ether

The Cliffy, Cliffy Shakes – The Shortstop Carousel

Make ’em say Ugh – The Silver Bullets

Gettin’ It Black (In Order) (Remix) -The Notorious TRF

Fut – Fat Finger Override

He Was Just Turning His Life Around – Jonathan White & The Cargo Shorts

Football Genius (Twitchy Mind) – Lil Scouty

Cocaine Woos! – Scotty Zolak

Good Friends Neighbors Mom –  Auhrey Duff

America is Dying Slowly – Wu-Tang Clan featuring the 15

Hot Takes! – James Stewart

Welcome to the Playground – The Tanguay Home

Dartchesta, Mass (Stabbin’ Kill Da Booty Mix) – Dork Adam$

Cry – Godley & Creme

Visualization Of The Space Mind Gargamel Part XVII: Millenial Solipsism – Dero Spedes

You Light Up My Life, Felger – Cam’ron in Taun’ton

Funny (That’s What I Want) – Girlz In Sportz

Richie and the Gresh – Elton and the Cellar Dwellers

They’re Always A Woman – Britni Joel

Bounce Pass – Hatrack McGoo

(Do the) Dugie Swag – Dragging Dondero

part three

Racism is Bad (You Round Eyed Devil) – BTS

A.T.R.O.M.G.O. (Auto Tuned Recitation Of Material Goods Owned) – MC Deejay with DJ EmmCee

Hey Bud – Kent Jackson and the Burners

(She’s got) Sneaky Tits – Big Head Maud and the Tomsters

Rock the Sports Hub – The Wobie Wobie Blahos

I kissed a boy – BJ Peen

Deeds After 9 – Luxury Vinyl Planks

Mongo Mindbullets – The Dead Wilburys Avenged Twentyninefold

Raining Blood – Meathead Slayer

Waraq In The Raq – Waraq

The Joker – The Meghan Ottolini Band

Dazed and Confused (that you aren’t Blaho) – Sal thee Utitorian

Holiday in California – Stids-Kennedys

B$P Workout Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Auxiliary Stairwell Climb Mix)

Hey Marv – Mitch Hedberg’s The Wall

Abusive Yucky Man – The John Karalis Experience

Never Dondero – The Smacking Lips

I Want Your AIDS – The 15

Tom E. Please Lose My Number – Jonesy Dad

Running Joke – Avenged Thirtysixfold, but then Ninefold Vengance Subtracted

Red Red Australian Wine – SP40

All Items Pertaining To Thee – Ugly Kid Gas

Shiny Orange People – SARAH

Squidneck Nights (11 seconds longer version) – Avenged Fifteenfold