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Who is Jake in Boston?

A few days ago, a billboard disparaging the wise owl (???) coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, appeared on RTE 1 to much promotion from 98.5 The Sports Hub.

If the moniker “Jake in Boston” wasn’t enough of a tell that this is a deranged sports radio fan who has had their thinking so twisted up that they’d spend thousands of dollars to shit on his alleged favorite team to get attention from his Hub heroes, then his updated version of the billboard sure made it clear. Citing coaching tree record, a trivial concept that Belichick has zero control over and doesn’t exist anywhere but in the world of call-in sports talks.

Seems like somebody wants attention. But he’s sending mixed messages. Having his face blurred out for a television interview, as if he thinks he delivered a literal killshot to the eight time Super Bowl winning coach and has entered witness protection.


Well, it doesn’t work like that, cupcake.


From an interview a while back:

Jake likes billboards, apparently.
Jake from State Hospital? IJATQC.

Who is Jake from Boston?

Exactly who you thought he was.

Overdraft: From The Bypass Boyz [9/4/21]

Wisconsin -5.5
Maryland +3
Abilene Christian +31
Cal / Nevada Over 52.5
Georgia / Clemson Over 52.5
Illinois -5
Syracuse -1
Miami (FL) +19.5
Texas Tech +1.5
Texas / Louisiana-Lafayette Over 58
Rutgers -14.5

Good luck, and remember: Take the points, leave the cannoli.

[The Bypass Boyz are currently 6-2-1]

*This advice was generated at great expense by using a complicated proprietary algorithm that studied mountains of data which came to the determination that the most consistent way to beat Vegas is to bet against the plays of Dan Lifshatz.

For more gambling content, follow Lifshatz watchdog @stever324 on Twitter.

inaugural ‘overdraft’: gambling advice from The bypass boyz

These are the prime Glengarry leads and leans from our world famous gout gang.

Bowling Green +33
Boise State Under 67.5
New Hampshire Over 38
Coastal Carolina Over 56.5
Florida International Over 49
Tennesse Tech +12
Houston Baptist +24.5
Ohio State -14
North Carolina -5.5

Good luck, and remember to avoid bad ‘betes!

*This advice was generated at great expense by using a complicated proprietary algorithm that studied mountains of data which came to the determination that the most consistent way to beat Vegas is to bet against the plays of Dan Lifshatz.

For more gambling content, follow Lifshatz watchdog @stever324 on Twitter.

From the 15 vault – An Investigation: Did Dan Lifshatz really play Division 1 Tennis in college?

From February 16th, 2019. Article originally written by @MRAGS316, with contributions from @SalPetrino

Does this look like someone who played tennis at a division 1 college less than a decade ago?

For those of you not familiar with Dan, he is an angry debt collector/glorified secretary for the Felcher and Mazz show on 98.5 The Sports Hub. His duties mostly include answering the phone, finding the warmest napkins for the Felgy, and washing Big Gym’s sick beamer in exchange for where to find best restaurants for protein on the north shore.

Dan also moonlights a wanna be Twitter sports betting sharp, dishing out the hottest daily pickzz you can find. Amazingly, he was able to spin this into his own podcast on the Sports Hub along side Joe Murphy called The Bankrupt Boys. Zoinks!! [Side note: If you’re getting your sports betting tips from the guy who answers the phone for the sports radio show, it’s time to reassess.]

Recently it has come to the attention of #The15 that Dan, on multiple occasions, has claimed he played tennis while in college at the University of Hartford. Noted #The15 adjacent Polar Bear lover @SalPetrino provided the receipts.

Wow! That’s pretty impressive. Playing any sport at major American University is a big deal. Just for fun we decided to see if we could locate any of Dan’s stats since he emphatically declared he played tennis in college. According to his LinkedIn profile, Dan attended the University of Hartford from 2010-2013 and luckily the UofH sports website had the rosters of the men’s tennis team going back many years. Surely, we would find some info of Dan’s career as a D1 tennis player. Here are the rosters of the teams the years Dan was enrolled:

Hmm… weird. No sign of Dan on any of the teams. In fact there was no trace of a Dan Lifshatz anywhere on the University sports websites. The only connection between Lifshatz and the University’s men’s tennis team was an article he wrote after a tough loss for the Hawks in The Informer, the school newspaper.

Maybe Dan just thinks covering the team is the same as playing for team or he just completely made it up. Either way I look forward to hearing the explanation.

[Editor’s note: We still await clarification from Dan on this apparent mix up. If we got the story wrong, please put us in our place.]

an open letter to fansided

Dear FanSided,

Some of us in sports media criticism circles are concerned and dismayed at the recent hiring of a known, prolific plagiarist and content thief to be a contributor and editor on your platform. This person has quite the reputation in sports circles, and it’s earned.

She has an extensive history of lifting the thoughts of other people and brazenly claiming them as her own, both on her website and on Twitter. It’s unconscionable that someone with that past would be in charge of policing the very same behavior for your company.

She’s stolen from beat writers and bloggers:

She’s stolen tweets from team broadcasters:

She’s stolen from Red Sox fans:

Her proclivity for intellectual theft is not limited to the Red Sox or even sports. Nor could she stop even after being called out many, many times.

It’s a compulsion. Pathological:

These examples are by no means exhaustive. There were several others that have been lost to deletion, and many more that without a doubt went unnoticed.

In addition to all this, she’s been extremely flippant, dishonest or unapologetic in instances when her behavior was pointed out. Her favorite go-to is “great minds.” But it’s absurd to believe these are all coincidental. Insulting, actually.

From a since deleted tweet thread about the history of American Presidents and baseball that was clearly pilfered, her defense was that she changed the photos. That’s the standard?

This is not to say we disagree with the content of any of these tweets necessarily. That’s not the point. The point is that she’s dishonest, cuts corners and does these things without remorse.

She now wears your brand, and wields it as a weapon in random sports debates on twitter. Using it as some kind of strange trump card. That reflects on you. Can’t imagine you want that.

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