The niece of Tampa Bay sports talk radio host, Rob Weingarten, unloaded on JetBlue in an exclusive tell-all this weekend after a nightmare experience.

Why does this matter?

It doesn’t take a big brain to connect the dots here. Rob Weingarten slings takez in Tampa Bay, a division rival of the Boston Red Sox. The Sox hold their spring training at JetBlue park. Their season has already been turbulent after failing to extend all-star cornerstones Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers. Now they’re faced with a new headache. The possible complicity in the inconveniencing of the Weingarten family is certainly in question.

Staunch Red Sox critic, Scott Zolak, has also been targeted by the airline this week 🤔

Mr. Weingarten’s niece was heartlessly passed around from gate to gate like a utility infielder from Pawtucket to Boston. Someone is going to pay for that.

Now this controversy is headed straight to the halls of Congress. The day might be fast approaching when John W. Henry may finally be grounded. For good.


Others in the market are starting to wake up. But don’t forget who had it first. Again.

Vernon Dozier is a multi-sport beat writer for #The15. His previous work can be found at Deadspin and Goy At The Game among other publications. He is a lifelong resident of Rockport, MA and he is never leaving.

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