2023 March Sadness – The Hateable Eight

Time to decide who the worst in each Region is. Voting open until Noon EDT Saturday, April 1. Accompanying graphics courtesy of Midjourney AI image generation.

Prompt: Tony Massarotti 98.5 sports hub laughing from inside a schoolhouse as he locks Ruby Bridges out of the building.
Prompt: Albert Breer mugshot from college.
AI response: this appears to be Buzz McCallister from ‘Home Alone.’ To help us improve performance click Y if this is accurate.
Prompt: Boston Glove Chris Gasper and his amazing beard.
Prompt: a painting by Dali called “The Persistence of Murray” only the clocks are ketchup bottles.
Prompt: Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reaches across the event horizon of a black hole to reach a pair of floating mittens
Prompt: Dan Shaughnessy drives across the California state line trying to remember if he packed his rubbers
Prompt: Michael Felger sits in a chair. There are napkins covering his body. Gene Lavanchy the host of Fox 25 is standing next to a bed. Gene is hugging Sara Underwood. Gene is smiling. Michael is sad.
Prompt: former New England Patriot Ted Johnson is chased by townsfolk

(Stick tap to Don Konopka & John for the AI prompts & images)

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