2023 March Sadness Region ‘T’ Opening Round Predictions

The Region that soothes your T-Zone.

Sent to us from Patrick in Andover del Norte:

I just noticed that voting has started in region T.

Where is it written that the Region T preview has to come out before voting starts?

Mike Felger (1) vs Dan Greenberg (16) Take your time here, no need to leave your keys in a running car to vote on this one. Felger wins in a walk.

Mark Daniels (8) vs Joe Haggerty (9) *** voting underway *** Pork Joe has a harder battle buttoning his shirt every morning. Haggerty (as expected) is cruising to round 2.

Scott Zolak (5) vs Steve Buckley (12) Zolak has ruined more Patriots moments than Eli Manning. Look at this prediction.

Phil Perry (4) vs “Fitzy” (13) Unless the Ancient Order of Hibernians finally wakes up and jails Nicholas Stevens for cultural appropriation, expect “Fitzy” to kickoff a run of upsets.

Kevin Paul Dupont (6) vs Michael F. Hurley (11) The winner gets to keep the losers middle name/initial. Take what’s yours Michael F. Paul Hurley!

Andy Gresh (3) vs Gabby Starr (14) *** voting underway *** Who am I to argue with the voting public. A Starr is born!

Rich Shertenlieb (7) vs Meghan Ottolini (10) In less than two years MegO has destroyed the radio careers of Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni, and Christian Fauria. Give Meg her flowers and she might repay YOU by taking out Jones and Arcand too. Keep up the good work Meg!

Ted Johnson (2) vs Jared Weiss (15) Ted Johnson walks into a bar and gets another CTE. The upsets stop here, Early Man advances.

“Who are you calling a hominid?”

Patrick is from Andover del Norte.

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