The 2023 Big Sads Region ‘N’ Preview

Ben Volin (1) versus Chris Curtis (2) It has been a true banner year of idiocy for The Globe’s Senior NFL Writer.  He (probably) has control of his twitter back and (probably) doesn’t have real sources so anything less than a complete blowout versus the slug from the morning show will be a shocker.

Karen Guregian (8) versus Mark Dondero (9) Look for the perennial up-and-comer and friend of the program, Dondy, to pull the mild upset over the reliable Guregian on the strength of his Tatum Clutch Gene Takes he’s been working on in the lab.

Andrew Callahan (5) versus Joe Murray (12) The real life “Crying Wojak” Meme guy should win his first round match up with the other half(ton) of the Bankroll Boys running away (in lieu of rascal’ing away).

Trenni Kusnierek (4) versus Nick Cattles (13) The Sacramento Kid is poised to pull the upset on the perpetually offended Trenni by throwing his lot in with previous winner Greg Bedard.  Is Bedard looking at a repeat by proxy?

Alex Reimer (6) versus Evan Lazar (11) No amount of Yankee concepts or allied word salads is going to knock off the media columnist, or whatever the Pissant is doing now.  He’s established a pedigree of sadness that will make round 1 a formality.

Fred Toucher (3) versus Christian Arcand (14) Fred has lost his mind as many times as the Reverend has lost his job.  Hitching his wagon to JV Felger doesn’t help Arcand overcome the sheer power of the Morning Zoo.

Rich Keefe (7) versus Peter Abraham (10) Eventually EEI will find the right timeslot to leverage Keefe’s talents.  Until then expect him to squeak by the Red Sox beat version of the Charlie Brown rain cloud.

Dan Shaughnessy (2) versus Ron Borger (15) This is the emeritus matchup for the tourney.  Years and years of misery and sadness and plagiarism from Ron essentially relegated to a footnote.  No idea what fly-by-night outfit employs him at this point so expect Shank to win in a cake-walk.  Reality for Dan is that anything less than the title this year is a disappointment.

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