Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer: Emergency Cam Newton Edition

Bill is Bill again and all is right in the world.

Cam Newton released, Spulpits, coffee girls hardest hit.

It’s a good thing Cam is so genuinely nice, otherwise that means the self-described tough & cynical Boston Sports media all got fooled.

Interesting. Belichick admitting his draft mistake of not trading up for Mac Jones, even if his arrogance won’t allow him to just come out admit it.

If anything Newton is a system quarterback. That system is Tecmo Bowl.

Fits. Cam wore them, and also gave New England fans them.

Next media move will be how Bill fucked over all the free-agents who came to Foxboro for Cam.

I think Bill said to himself: “Would Greg Bedard just give Mac the keys already? Yes, he would, and that is the only way forward.”

Can’t wait for Jac Colinsworth’s in depth analysis of the Cam Newton release.

Another miss for Fake Spike King.

No designed run plays for Cam in presason was a tell, in retrospect.

Prior to the news I felt like that striped shirt-wearing Jets fan trying to rationalalize selecting Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino. “Obviously Bill knows something the people up here don’t.” Everybody wuz sayin McCorkle.

I wonder is Stidhsy jumped out of the pedicure chair when he read the Cam news today.

The best thing about losing Cam Newton is losing his Tebow-like fanbase who, like a cult, follow him wherever he goes and blames everyone but him for every mistake he makes. Good riddance.

Props to TEC, who was on an island among the media saying it was still a competition.

Does Belichick leave for his dream job with the Giants now and grab Cam again on the cheap?

An unvaccinated, shotputting quarterback is a competitive disadvantage.

And this had to happen with the pandemic-related additional uneployment benefits ending in Massachusetts this weekend.

I guess Bill thinks Mac Jones is better than Ryan Mallett.

by̾e̺ ̣b̖ͧy̅e̝ ̰C̈́am̠̆

( Compiled from the15 and various BSMW board alumni accounts. )

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