BET with Dicey15 – Week 8 NFL Picks

An astute reader noticed that I was 100% on the 1 PM games last week. $$$$. Also an editorial note, the return percentages posted last week should have been 275% and 1830% as I forgot to multiply by 100. Last weeks returns: 500% on the week, 2200% YTD.

BET in bold:

Broncos +1.5/Jaguars -1.5 – Ye Olde, Russ Wilson.

Steelers +10.5/Eagles -10.5 – Pittsburg takes Philly phans down a peg by covering.

Patriots -2.5/Jets +2.5 – Pats recover from their Monday Night trap game fiasco. Whoever QBs owns.

Raiders -1.5/Saints +1.5 – Have the haters apologize to Taysom Hill yet?

Cardinals +3.5/Vikings -3.5 – Say “Nuke Hopkins” more.

Dolphins -3.5/Lions +3.5 – Lions pull off the straight upset against Hardo Campell’s old team. BET.

Bears +10/Cowboys -10 – Justin (I call him that as 5th generation Big10) keeps the cover train rolling, bro.

Panthers +4/Falcons -4 – The Panthers continue to prove that YOUR super weapon RB is irrelevant.

Titans +1/Texans -1 – Titans play like shit and commit a bunch of dumb penalties but Coach Vrabes pulls it out (no offense, Josh Primo).

49ers -1/Rams +1 – Which coach here is the current golden boy?

Comanders +3/Colts -3 – I doubt Snyder and Irsay will be sharing a post game hooker after this one.

Giants +3.5/Seahawks -3.5 – Geno revenge game.

Packers +10.5/Bills – 10.5 – They should play this game in December. #ColdAsFuck


Bengals -3.5/Browns +3.5 – Burrows is back, baby!


I am on DeVonta Smith OVER 55.5 receiving yards against the porous Steelers secondary. Especially after a different DeVonta (sic) killed the over for me last week.

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