BET with Dicey15 – Week 7 NFL BET(s)

Last weeks picks went 9-3-1. This is pretty easy when you understand that referees use very specific techniques to get teams in trouble early… pass interference, phantom holding, etc. Up 27.5% on the week, +183% YTD. Tom Brady did let me down, but he’s getting divorced and looks like a Jack Skellington cosplayer so I’ll let it slide this time.

BET in Bold:

Falcons +6.5/Bengals -6.5 – I have no idea who the Falcons coach is.

Lions +6.5/Cowboys -6.5 – Jerry Jones and RKK exchanged words, RKK exchanged vows with a women who totally loves him.

Colts +2.5/Titans – 2.5 – Irsay wants to oust Synder for gross ethical malpractice. What a world.

Packers -4.5/Commandeers +4.5 – Wentz is out, Rodgers is still not out.

Buccaneers -13/Panthers +13 – Bonus bet, which is greater: The number of practices Brady skipped this week or Offensive teammates he yells at on Sunday?

Giants -3/Jagwires +3 – I’ll say it. Trevor Lawrence looks like a girl.

Browns +6.5/Ravens -6.5 – No love lost between these rivals who are kind of the same franchise but not really.

Texans +6.5/Raiders -6.5 – This would have been the battle of former New England anonymous source yappers if Easterby hadn’t be unceremoniously let go to pursue a career in stand-up comedy/selling Jesus themed inspirational desk calendars.

Seahawks +4.5/Chargers -4.5 – Is Carroll ever going to let someone cook?

Chiefs -1/49ers +1 – Hey did you know Christian McAfree’s dad played for Kyle Shanahan’s dad? Interesting.

Steelers +7.5/Dolphins -7.5 – Swaggy genius head coach has his team well below sea level in Miami when it comes to point differential. I’m taking Swaggy non-genius head coach to win outright. BET.


Bears +8/Patriots -8 – Bears cover but Patriots win. We learn nothing.


I love OVER 81.5 receiving yards for Davante Adams. Raiders have to get all they can out of him before he’s thrown in prison for lightly shoving a misplaced camera person.

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