2023 March Sadness Field of 64 Contest!

Who’s coming to dance in the Big Sads?

Can YOU correctly predict who’s going to be in the 2023 March Sadness Biggest Mediot Tournament? If you can, you will win a The15 Prize Pack!

Prize Pack will consist of TWO The15 coffee mugs, plus one pound of gourmet coffee! (whole beans or ground, winner’s choice!) A ‘March Sadness’ tee shirt, plus another shirt from our Genuine Merch collection! And an added bonus, a bottle of our special ‘Smokehouse Sal’s’ Barbecue rub, made with our proprietary blend of 15 herbs and spices! Plus more!!

Coffee mugs! That say Must Be Nice and It’s Called #Owning on the other side! Heat-resistant and waterproof!

Here’s information about the selection process to help you all out.

The Selection Committee will pick the field of 64 from 13 radio media members, 13 print media members, 13 television media ‘personalities’, 13 members of digital media, and then 12 At-Large picks.

A reminder that the two previous Tournament champions, Jon Tomase and Greg A. Bedard are ineligible to compete in this tournament but, in a rules change, will regain their eligibility after three years or three subsequent tournaments, whichever is the longer of the two.

They’ll be back. Just you watch.

Additionally, any media member who is a named host or co-host of a radio program broadcasting weekdays during the 12 hours between 6 AM and 6 PM weekdays on either The Sports Hub or WEEI earns an automatic bid into the tourney.

Send your guesses to our The15 intern(s) at the email address bjbsjournalintern@gmail.com (yes, we know) between now and 4PM EST on Sunday, March 5th. The winner will be notified on Monday, March 6th.

(Winner must correctly guess at least 58 participants of the field of 64. In the event of a tie, first email received will be deemed the winning entry. Members of The15, their families and spouses are not eligible, and must use assumed names and fake addresses if they wish to play. All decisions final.)

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