11/23/22 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

I give this column Three Gobbles. Happy Thanksgiving.

One thousand NHL points for the Bruins captain. Pretty neat.

Bubble Boy Buffalo Bills.

No Jaylen, those weren’t the Steppin’ Shukri’s outside of Barclays showing support for Kyrie.

Yes, but Wales cares about soccer.

John. Young. Brown. Junior. Former Celtics owner. One-time Governor of Kentucky. American. RIP.

Cakes are cooking for Dale Sveum, Brian Glynn, Jim Pyne, Vin Baker, Adam Eaton, Jonathan Papelbon, Nicklas Backstrom, Gabriel Landeskog, and Miley Cyrus.

Congratulations to the UMass Men’s Basketball Team for winning the Myrtle Beach Invitational.

Forest Inn Coney Dogs never disappoint.

Yes yes, of course you can bring your yams to Thanksgiving!

There are no famous NBA trainers, only infamous ones.

Update: Normal boarding has resumed for all Lowell Line trains at West Medford and Wedgemere.

Hey there, gang of World Cup enthusiasts/hooligans! This week’s Phrase that pays is, “Great kits out there on the pitch!”

Why would you root for the team playing against the college football powerhouse? No reason?

Today I feel Qatari. I feel Arab. I feel African. I feel gay. I feel disabled. I feel like a migrant worker. I feel charming. Oh so charming. It’s alarming how charming I feel.

Falcons TE Kyle Pitts’ season is done after an MRI confirmed he has a torn MCL, per league source. @RapSheet 1st.

Rita Moreno: Y

Karalis calling something ugly? He looks like a potato that got left in a hot car.

7 episodes into Andor now and they have not missed even one time. Let Susanna White direct an SW movie, please, Mr. Felloni.

Ames is returning. Can Zayre’s be far behind?

Grandpa, were he here, would tell you they would feed the yams to the pigs, they weren’t considered people food. But yours are fine!

I hear Mobile is the New Orleans of Alabama.

The cvnty Patriots tweet/Green Monster cover photo corollary is superseded only by the JetBlue Park cover photo. Both of which are dwarfed by four team logo profile pic. Which is obliterated by the Lakers/Patriots/Euro soccer team bio line.

Real business is done on paper.

A day or two ago, the story I must tell
I went out on the snow and on my back I fell
A gent was riding by in a one-horse open sleigh
He laughed as there I sprawling lie, but quickly drove away.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

I know NFL wide receivers like going for the one-hand catches, but if they can catch it with two, that still seems like a better plan.

Does Tomáš Nosek have a nickname?

‘NBA trainers’ are what the Brits call basketball sneakers.

I like to think that old friend Pats67’s new Buffalo pals found Nick Cafardo’s lost hat, and now worship it.

Following up: The Atlanta Falcons have placed Kyle Pitts on IR for a minimum of 4 games. Unfortunately, the below-mentioned tweet will still materialize as far as the injury concluding Pitts’ season, as previously mentioned per league source.

Josina Josaywhat?

Honk if you remember any of the 1971, 1987, or 1989 Thanksgiving Day snowstorms.

They say the recipe for Sprite is lemon and lime. I tried to make it at home. There’s more to it than that.

I wonder if tax fraud is part of former NBA official Ken Mauer’s religion too.

If Twitter’s going out, let’s do it right. My mom played Warren Devon at her funeral and if I had one, I’d do the same. (I won’t.)

Absolutely astonishing to me how many people still don’t get Marcus Semien.

These are your yams? Well what you have here are actually sweet potatoes. Which you added brown sugar and a honey glaze too. You brought diabetes to our Thanksgiving table.

Just skate your lane, National Hockey League.

Re: Sean Kugler & Mexico City, 700 years of culture dating back to Tenochtitlan, and all anyone thinks of is ‘donkey show.’

On the Sports Huddle, was a Four Gobbles rating a good thing, or a bad thing?

Best bet for the weekend: Black Friday Deals abounding.

Center and Captain David Andrews. A tough hombre.

Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Meta, other writers, league and team sourcesMitch Hedberg, Bill James, plus the members of #the15 were used in this column. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. And also: perhaps people hate you because you’re a smarmy anjerk, Greg Bedard.

And a happy birthday to English model, actress, and media personality Kelly Brook. Big bouncy personality.

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