Intern Street Team People on the Street Interview

Our Intern Street Team was out and about asking the locals, “What are you going as for Halloween?”

Lucas O. – “Scituate Lighthouse. Or a Ninja Turtle.”
Jenna Z. – “Wrench Reynolds, from the Muzz & JF Show.”
Walter Majeski, MBTA Senior Inspector – “Marvel Studios Honcho Kevin Feige.”
Jocko McLaughlin, tavern flanneur – “Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin “
Susan Catamount, High School Student – “Terrestrial Radio.”
Rufus Khastufas, retiree – “James Rebhorn.”
Olivia N. – “Linda Pizzuti’s Visionary Fenway Park Rooftop Gardens.”
Harry Borowitz, Student – “A Not Likely To Be Earned contract incentive.”
Evie Lee, Student – “Rose Tico. Or Sexy Mayor Wu.”
Jeff Hartoupian, Chiropractor – “Dart Adams.”
Billy Peloquin, Stockbroker –“A cornered animal.”
Cleophas J. – “Mina Kimes’ huge football brain.”
Jessica Katsulas, Medical Device Sales – “Sexy Mindy Kaling.”
Lorraine Vermilion, Tourist – “An inexplicably angry tow truck driver.”
Shukri White, Multimedia Influencer – “Train Engineer.”

Happy Halloween, everybody.

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