Welcome Back Students!

Welcome back to all the college and university students! And a particular welcome to our new crop of student interns here at The15, both in the Greater Boston area and elsewhere:

Emily O. Anderson – ’25 University of Massachusetts – Boston

George H. Babip – ‘ 24 Boston University

Matthew F. X. Breuer – ’24 Emerson College

Evie Dzodocz – ’25 Liberty University

Sheherizade Fedayan – ’24 Emerson College

Madison Emily Gardiner – ’24 Framingham State University

Joshua Kaliszewski – ’23 Bunker Hill Community College

Lisa A. Pudlo – ’24 University of Massachusetts – Lowell

Beatriz Emily Santos – ’26 Northeastern University

Aoife Emma Sgringoli – ’24 Boston University

Michael Skellig Jr. – ’25 Northeastern University

Japheth Snell – ’24 Bob Jones University

Bohdan Tafka – ’23 Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Lawrence L. Trullbrooke – ’25 Boston College

Kyle Verdoux – ’23 Community College of Rhode Island

We hope to learn as much from you, as you do from us. Remember: Knowledge Is Good.

(Appearance of actual interns may vary.)

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