06/29/22 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

This guy and the gloves. Amirite?

Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion hockey team.

Maybe the problem isn’t the unvaccinated Red Sox players, but Canada’s onerous vaccine requirements.

Kyrie with the Pee Wee Herman, “I meant to do that”, opts back in with Nets.

My viewing was delayed until tonight because of some really good family time, but #Unrivaled might be the best @E60 I’ve ever seen. Absolutely riveting TV.

I have no idea what these three-initial NBA contractual terms mean.

I like the strategy of charging the dugout instead of the mound. That’s where the order to dot you came from, right?

Cakes are cooking for Mel Brooks, Gary Busey, Dan Dierdorf, María Conchita Alonso, Rosa Mota, George Hincapie, Andy O’Brien, Martin Truex Jr, and Camila Mendes.

Turtleboy is jerking off all over YouTube and he’s crying about a drag queen fisting somebody.

Anybody wanna talk about The Irishman?

Highly regarded NBA assistants never leave for promotions. Everyone forgets that.

UMass’s Own Cale Makar is the first player in NHL history to win the Hobey Baker, Calder trophy, Norris trophy, Conn Smythe, Gord Flooberman Award, and the Stanley Cup.

Pretty much nothing is almost certain.

It’s crazy that stopping to get a coffee when you’re already running late makes you even later.

I like that Wimbledon has a dress code.

Rockport Line Train 107 (10:35 am from North Station) is operating 10-15 minutes behind schedule between West Gloucester and Rockport.

Once a year, the Red Sox should have a “Jerry Remy Day” on which their announcers are required to refer to Nick Pivetta as Nick Pivetter and John Schreiber as John Schreibah.

Google Hangouts is shutting down in November. Its successor is Google Chat, which is not the same as GChat, which was also known as Google Talk. None of those are the same as Spaces, which is the new name for Rooms. I am not making any of this up.

At least there’s pretty lights
And though there’s little variations
It nullifies the night
From overkill.

Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat, shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away
Come back another day

Fun Fact: New Testament-era Rome had running water. A Harvard-educated baseball editor broad should know that.

Is Noank said with one syllable, or two?

Hey gang, of cannonade enthusiasts, this week’s Phrase that Pays is, “invincible in peace, invisible in war.”

David Quinn would be a very Don Sweeney hire for HC.

After a rough start, Revs now right in the meaty part of the MLS standings bell curve.

Sources: The Washington Commanders Football Team and star WR Terry McLaurin have agreed to terms on a 3-year deal worth $23.3M per year new money. Another WR cashes in.

Honda will voluntarily recall 27,838 model-year 2020 Accord Hybrid, 2020 CR-V Hybrid and 2020-2021 Insight vehicles in the United States to update software in the Hybrid Power Control Unit (PCU). Under certain circumstances, the portion of the PCU that controls charging of the 12 volt accessory battery may malfunction, sending the PCU into a “fail safe” mode, preventing battery charging and activating warning displays for the driver. Since a charged 12 volt battery is required for proper vehicle function, this condition may cause a vehicle to stall while driving, potentially increasing the risk of a crash. Honda has received no reports of crashes or injuries related to this issue.

Tomorrow at trivia night at the local 99’s, first prize is a signed Cam Newton Pats jersey. Second prize? TWO signed Cam Newton Pats jerseys! Heyoooo!!

I did not see the Philadelphia Stars upsetting the New Jersey Generals in the USFL playoffs.

Honk if you remember Cold Pizza.

I’d like to get another dog someday, one I could fraudulently fundraise on Twitter for.

The ESPY Nomination are out! The ESPY Nomination are out!!

The Ben Rhodes currently third in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series standings probably isn’t the former Obama speechwriter. Probably.

Happy for Charissa Thompson.

Okay, fine; Tanner Houck let his teammates down. Now do Britney Griner.

The iPhone turns 15, it finally gained a measure of success once it allowed for HTML5.

That layer of sand on the top of your feet at the beach has an SPF rating of 0.

Corral your own shopping cart. We live in a society.

Isn’t there a NATO-eque mutual aid pact between the 98.5 Twitter superfans in case of attack?

Good job, good effort, Springfield Thunderbirds.

Best bet for the long holiday weekend: Joseph. Christian. Chestnut.

Any blancmange’s competing at this year’s Wimbledon?

Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Meta, other writers, league and team sources, Bill Jamesand the members of #the15 were used in this column. He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.

Also I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish a Happy Birthday to Nicole Scherzinger. Pussy. Cat. Doll.

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