Statement From the Managing Editor Regarding the Juneteenth Sale

For Immediate Release:

We wish to issue a heartfelt apology with regard to our now-shelved sale price from yesterday on ‘Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite’ and other Site Memberships done in conjunction with the celebration of Juneteenth. As we view it here, any holiday that brings attention to Confederate perfidy is ok in our book. We certainly didn’t mean any offense with our intern’s careless phrasing. Offering ‘Three-Fifths the usual price’ could be, and no doubt was, percieved as being culturally insensitive. That was not our intent. No reasonable person could ever credibly accuse The15 of being racist, either as individuals or as an organization. As an apology, persons of color are welcome to take 19% off in our store on purchases made today ONLY.

— Steve Bosell

Managing Editor, The 15 Net

(Note: This is posted on Mr. Scartelli’s account owing to the spotty Wi-Fi coverage on St. Kitts and/or Nevis preventing Mr. Bosell from connecting directly to the site on his BlackBerry.)

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