06/09/22 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

So. Many. Leggings. Still. Two down, two to go.

Celtics would have a 2-1 lead in this NBA Finals if that one loss in SF didn’t count as two. Sad!

Surging Red Sox claim final Wild Card spot!!

Sorry Coach Cassidy, but Sweeney wasn’t about to fire himself.

You aren’t a parody account if you make up nonsense “rumors” and try to “attribute” them to an actual reporter. You’re just a jerk. It’s not funny and it creates distrust in the reporters trying to do their actual jobs.

So wait. Now there’s an Apple TV PLUS?!?!? I miss 1980.

Free Betsy Griner.

Solid plan to let the Garden fans know they got to ya.

Cakes are cooking for Dave Parker, Aaron Sorkin, Johnny Depp, Tony Martino, Tedy Bruschi, Peja Stojakovic, and Natalie Portman.

Nothing good happens after a 30 pack of Natty Light shows up.

Matt Patricia will never be able to switch the side of the ball he coaches, but any Patriots football writer can easily become a hoops expert as long as the Celtics are playing.

Will Shelby Scott’s casket lie in state outside Scituate Light? She was 86. Rest in peace.

In the United States, American Honda will voluntarily recall 212 Honda CR-V vehicles from the 2020 model year to replace their fuel tanks, for free. An internal component of the fuel tank may break loose inside the tank and block the float mechanism that signals fuel level to the meter, incorrectly indicating the amount of fuel in the tank. This defect may lead to a vehicle unexpectedly running out of fuel and stalling while driving, increasing the risk of a crash. No crashes or injuries have been reported in relation to this issue.

I miss wiffleball.

Felicia Sonmez may be a humorless scold but she was right about Kobe.

Would love it if Fenway Sports Group could get Gary U.S. Bonds to play at our lyric little bandbox.

I have rarely used a fly swatter over the last ten years, but at my new office I have flies. I am appalled to see how much my fly-swatting skills have deteriorated over the last ten years.

Kerr must be Kerrncerned – Gabz, probably.

Hey gang of deposition fans, this week’s Phrase that Pays is, “In fairness, hose is a great term.”

No one likes the Islanders.

Rockport Line Train 107 (11:13 am from Montserrat) is expected to depart from Montserrat 10-20 minutes behind schedule due to the late arrival of equipment caused by a switch issue.

When the phone don’t ring, it’s Felger & Mazz not calling, Greg.

PGA playing hardball with the LIV defectors.

“Dray’s wife’s a whore” would be pretty funny crowd chat to hear Friday.

Aaron Donald gets a bag of flowers or whatever the term is? He got pushed around like a shopping cart in the Super Bowl against NE. I don’t get it.

David. Allan. Boucher.

You’re a fucking weirdo if manager firings get you ‘horned up.’ There; I said it.

UConn/Stanford live from Sunken Diamond Saturday!

Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.

Honk if you remember Bobby Valentine.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh tells reporters that QB Lamar Jackson is expected to be at minicamp. “I fully expect him to come back in great shape.”

You made me promises, promises
You knew you’d never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe?

Arm in arm we laughed like kids

At all the silly things we did
But you can’t finish what you start
If this is love it breaks my heart

Try to fill more inside straights in video poker! You can’t!

Who does Lefty like in the Belmont?

Had a very heavy day. A couple fake journalists stuffed me in a locker about the accuracy of an article that doesn’t exist. I somehow lost.

Was a Samsquanch trying to break into the Entitled Town recording studio the other night?

Poor Genius Joe Madden. And poor interim manager Phil Nevin, who now has to undo all the wacky stunts Joe planned to motivate his team out of their losing streak. Disinvite the mariachi band for batting practice, contact the zoo and tell them they won’t be needing penguins to release into the clubhouse, and so on.

Adam Silver looks like he glows in the dark.

Does Stephen Belichick have a Christmas tree set up in his house in June?

There’s something intrinsically cruel about starving yourself thin only to turn into a Don Knotts lookalike.

Warriors seem raddled.

Best bet for the weekend; sit on a porch with friends and reminisce about the Blizzard of ’78.

On this Day in History, 1999.

Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Meta, other writers, league and team sources, Bill James, BSMW posters Coma and Hacksaw, and the members of #the15 were used in this column. Always something there to remind me.

And a happy birthday to Hong Kong born singer and actress Kary Ng.

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