Statement From the Managing Editor Regarding the Current Excitement

For Immediate Release:

The15net dot com takes delight in executing the journalistic imperative to comfort the afflicted (Boston sports fans) and to afflict the comfortable (Boston sports media). Mr. Vernon Dozier has constantly and consistently performed his job to a high standard and with impeccable conduct. An internal review of the article in question, from May 14th of this year, finds nothing actionable. At all. The organization stands foursquare behind Vernon, and indeed behind all our employees. We will not be bullied away from our mission by baseless threats of legal action be it for slander, defamation, or even replevin for a cow. We will keep fighting this good fight as the happy warriors that we are. Thank you for your time, and in closing, Go Celtics!

— Steve Bosell

Managing Editor, The 15 Net

Steve Bosell has been Managing Editor of The 15 Net since fall 2012. He resides in Lynn, MA with his wife and three children.

(Note: This is posted on Mr. Scartelli’s account owing to the spotty Wi-Fi coverage in the Caribbean preventing Mr. Bosell from connecting directly to the site on his BlackBerry.)

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