From The 15 Vault – Even More Little-Known Beantown (and Foxborough) Sports Facts!

 (Originally published June 3, 2020)

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Were it not for a rat inside the left field ‘monster’ wall, NBC’s camera might not have captured Carlton Fisk waving his famed home run fair in the 12th inning of Game 6 of the World Series in 1975!

Bruins player Mike Milbury once went into the stands, and beat a fan with his own shoe!

The Boston Marathon was first run in April 1897, and has never had to be cancelled!

Robert Kraft was once a co-owner of the Boston Lobsters franchise in World TeamTennis!

Wade Boggs was an avowed fan of poultry, specifically chicken!

Brockton calls itself ‘The City of Champions!’

Game On! is a little hole in the wall type of pub at Fenway with a speakeasy kind of vibe.

The Old Boston Garden had numerous ‘obstructed view’ seats, from which seeing the entire playing area was quite difficult!

NFL veteran head coach Duane Charles “Bill” Parcells did not provide respectability for the New England Patriots franchise upon his hiring!

Bruins standout Cam Neely once got a bunch of goals in a certain number of games on a bum leg, caller!

Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek caught four no-hitters!

Hundreds of college hockey fans were stranded at the Old Boston Garden during the 1978 Beanpot tourney because of a blizzard!

Celtics player Cedric Maxwell actually was rarely called Cedric. Most people called him “Corn”!

Ted Williams was not voted the American League Most Valuable player in 1941, despite hitting .406!

PV = nRT!

Boston Beer Company honcho Jim Koch stated in a radio interview that he thought Tom Brady should just accept his four game suspension from “Deflategate!” What an asshole!

In 1972, daredevil Evel Knievel jumped his motorcycle over the big bridge connecting New Hampshire & Maine!

When with the Red Sox, pitcher Roger ‘Rocket’ Clemens twice struck out a record twenty batters in a nine-inning game!

Jesus Saves, but Esposito scores on the rebound!

The Ted Williams Tunnel is in fact named after the Splendid Splinter!

The Boston Patriots played their home games one season at Harvard Stadium!

Cambridge Rindge and Latin basketball phenom Patrick Ewing was never going to play for Boston College, stupid!

The Head of the Charles Regatta started all the way back in 1965!

In 1986 Wade Boggs once injured himself trying to remove his cowboy boots!

During WWII, future President John Fitzgerald Kennedy proved himself an accomplished swimmer! His younger brother Edward in 1969; not so much!

Prior to the 21st century, Beantown was so victory-starved, they held a parade for former Bruin Ray Bourque, who won a Stanley Cup as a member of the Colorado Avalanche! Sad!

In 1982, prizefighting middleweight Marvin Nathaniel Hagler legally changed his name to Marvelous Marvin Hagler!

A power failure occurred at the Old Boston Garden during the 1988 Stanley Cup Final between the Bruins and the eventual champion Edmonton Oilers!

Natick excels at being unsporting – just ask Framingham!

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick owns a boat which he renamed VIII Rings after winning Super Bowl LIII!

Chuck Connors, TV’s “The Rifleman” played 53 games for the Boston Celtics!

You can trace a direct line in left field at Fenway from Ted to Yaz to Rice to Greeny, then a JAG or two to Manny, to a whole bunch of other JAG’s to Benny!

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