2022 Memorial Day Weekend Mixtape Playlist

Good pliability and sand in pants, toe gription needs work.

(Dear The15net dot com Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is the now-traditional musical playlist for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Click HERE to download.)

Psychosomatic Killer – Talking hEDS

Where’s the Glory, Trevor Story? – Bandbox

Isn’t Us England – Drive Shaft

If You’re Ever Down in Texas, Look Me Up – Chica Venezuela Diecinueve

We Got You Babe- Tony Bono & Share

Not if You Were the Last Referee On Earth – The Andy Mikehols

Can’t Escape (The Penis Coolata Song) – Josh Duncan and the Antoinettes

Sale Setback Blues – Turkeypie Jefferson

I Touch Myself – DiTurtyles (Explicit Wanker Spanker version)

M.A.G.A. – Franklin Village People

Boat Drinks? – Snoopy J. Buffett (Keno Multiplier Mix)

You Dropped a Bomb on Media Mike – The GAP Insurance Band

Early Morning Drag – Gunther Lightfoot

Strange Crew – the15

Mysterious Wamps – Achtung Braintree (And Yet U2 Follow cover band, Stephen Bono acapella version)

Anarchy in Fwamingham – The Matt Pistols

Peter Puffer – Run T.E.C.

(I Don’t Deserve) Lithium – Carvana

The Second to Last Thing I Saw – Caporegime Cody and the Ten Consecutive Titals

Werewolves Of Lynn Tech – Vinnie Zevon

In Sports Anthem – lmao

Shukri’s Q – Beantown Dirtywater Revival

Taut, Hot, and 19 – Bertie B.

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town Giving Milk to Layabouts Who Don’t Have $2.99 Left On Their EBT Card – Government Cheese

Jambalaya – Three Cone Drill

“Don’t Stand so Close to Steve (In school zones) – The Police

Amber Tamblyn Man – The Crossmen

She’s from Peabody – Toby Peabs

Wedding Song (There is Love) – Stidhsy & Kennedy

Yer Electric Car (It Runs on Coal) – Ron Muskmelon Caramount

You’re The Cream in my Coffee, Babe – Nashua King Cole

Lucy In Disguise (With Funbags) – Cam D. Scapp and his Onlyfans Band

Ganger’s Paradise – Hathaway

I Wouldn’t Buy a Used Car From Steve – Norma Jean

Generic Aviators – ZayinZayin Top

Shukri (not) Christian – Night Rangers Fan

Where the Streets Have No Name, Except for Hillside Drive – The Other Bono

G.A.P. – Naughty by Stever

F Left 372 Y Stick Z Spot – Scatter to West Right Tight

Sorry Mr. Kent Jackson – OutKast Chat

Amazing Football Brain – BTS

Visualization Of The Space Mind Gargamel XIX: Gasper Wears Capri Pants – Dero Spedes

Manic Monday – The Marionettes

The Tears of a Clown/Tunnel Closure Blues – Lil Jerry Thornton

Muffin Man – Frank Zappa

Newsbunny Main Theme – Michael Giacchino, composer

A Room of My Own (Stay out) – Roger Joel

Deeds – Teejay

Benny and the Hurds – Road Crew

(Have a song suggestion? Or a compliment? Leave it in the comments!)

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