03/30/22 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Boston Pride. Yes indeed.

Meniscus Tear Twitter is the worst.

Consecutive Isobel Cup wins? Titletown is back, Baby!!

Every time Bob Kraft speaks when there’s no confetti on the ground, I like him less.

A Michigan/Denver and Minnesota/Minnesota State Frozen Four in Boston? Why all the yellow seats, Dale?

Outcome Based Rules Change SZN.

Pro Tip: Maybe don’t go with the 3-year BSJ membership option.

Cakes are cooking for Joey Sindelar, MC Hammer, Dave Ellett, Julie Richardson, Martin Love, and Chris Canty.

Honestly, the worst part about the slap is the TAKES we’re being subjected to by the blue check brigade in response to it. Insufferable. SHUT. UP.

Taylor Hawkins devoted half his life to fighting Foo. I doubt we shall see his like again. RIP.

I really wish I was a suit person, I’d love to be the guy in the suit at Wrestlemania week in Dallas.

If you could be rich and powerful in life, but have your name be disgraced throughout history, would you do it?

You did the HIPAA violation! You did! You did!

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly emotionally unstable and just need to cry I watch the video of Secretariat in retirement running around by himself in a paddock by a lake, anyone else? No just me. Cool cool cool.

Fun Fact: Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey, not Michigan!

Following a thorough in-depth inspection of the Orange Line tunnel, MBTA engineers & partner agencies have determined that it is safe to resume Orange Line service. Trains will travel at reduced speeds in this area & bypass Haymarket Station, which is closed until further notice.

Hey gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is ‘Good call, Karen Carpenter.’

Do Charlie and Jada’s alpacas know each other?

Middle schoolers are known for their perfect defensive rotations.

Well I’ve heard Kimberley A. Martin and Cari Champion can’t even legally ride in the same Uber.

Paige Bueckers? More like Paige Buckets, amirite?

It’s physically impossible to have not heard a Foo Fighters song, even for late adoption country & western devotees.

Q: What did Troy Kotsur say when they told him he’d won an Oscar? A: WHAT?!

I’m not saying The North End Restaurant Community should take inspiration how to deal with the Mayor from that slapping incident at the Oscars, but..

I could almost go there
Just to watch you be seen
I could almost go there
Just to live in a dream.

But no, I won’t go for any of those things
To not touch your skin is not why I sing
I can’t help myself
I’ve got to see you again.

Now is fighting allowed in the PHF, or do they just tease someone ’til they develop an eating disorder?

Honk if you remember the Ice Capades.

Can’t wait to see the Top Gun sequel. How many of Admiral Iceman’s ribbons are for volleyball?

You have to worry about all those Dikembe Mutombo-type eighth graders.

Are bucket hats the new painter’s caps?

I bet Eddie Andelman call that song ‘Everyone Forgets About Bruno.’

That was a big win for Trackhouse Racing.

I do not now know enough details to conclude whether or not Jabril Peppers will be part of the compensatory pick calculations.

The thing is, the Foo always win out in the end.

Thanks again to all the March Sadness voters for getting us this far.

Best bet for the weekend: more blueblood basketball than a horseshoe crab pick-up game.

For Old Friend BBtL.

Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Meta, other writers, league and team sources, Bill James, pseudonymous radio professionals masquerading as a sibling, and the members of #the15 were used in this column. Dark, like the shady corners, inside a violin.

Erin Gray, who probably didn’t deserve that slap. Probably.

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