01/05/22 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Big B, Big Goal, Good Kid.

Drive slow, drive safe. Bad road condtions out there in this town, right now.

I hope someone told Kristian Wilkerson the Jonas Gray story.

Dan Reeves got Harry Reid-ed.

A friend of mine who’s been in the industry a long time once warned me that Rob Manfred keeps a list of people/sites that criticize him and that it would be better for my career aspirations not to get on it. But if Ken Rosenthal isn’t safe, no one is.

Carl Davis has already played enough snaps this season to earn his NLTBE 20% playing time incentive. It is worth $25K.

Pasta. Once agan a goal scorer, always a Good Kid.

Re: Antonio Brown, I though only Bill Belichick cut players just before they reached invectives.

Cakes are cooking for Robert Divall, Clancy Brown, Vinnie Jones, Franck Montagny, January Jones, and Ronnie O’Brien.

There’s an All Madden documentary available on NetFilms. Check it out.

For Pete’s sake Ma, if eating that many cashews makes you sick, don’t eat that many cashews.

Even with his great play, making Bill smile is by far the most impressive thing Mac has done this year.

I think #the15 has found their eugooglizer in Anita.

Thanks for American International College for coming through and scheduling URI in basketball at the last minute.

Why can’t I find any store-brand duplex sandwich cookies?

I bet Chandler Jones left the Twitter DM group chat right before he unfollowed Kyler Murray.

Blue Line: Delays of up to 20 minutes due to a power problem between Aquarium and Bowdoin. Trains may be be asked to stand by or be crossed back for service.

Mina should and could be working high up in an NFL Front Office. Haters don’t realize how good she is.

I’m from Boston. We don’t have strong accents. You can’t get on me about my accent.

You could pair Marc Bertrand with Paul Perillo and miss nothing.

Please board all Framingham/Worcester trains on the inbound platform (track 5) at Back Bay and Lansdowne today.

Darryl Stingley. Google him. You will understand why I have it.

News Item: The Washington Football Team is getting a new name on February 2nd.

Becky Hammon leaving the NBA to return to the league she played in, for a WNBA record head coaching deal-only proves the power and potential of the league itself- and it’s one of the most badass and empowering moves I’ve ever seen.

I don’t even like Big Ben and I’m crying. what the fuck is happening to me.

Muffet vs. Geno? Team Muffet.

You would have to be a real Tonestradamus to predict that Antonio Brown would pull a nutty.

UMass’s Own Cale Makar.

It’s shocking the players aren’t siding with the commissioner in the middle of a lockout.

Honk if you rembember The Yum Yum Shop bakery chain.

Now go out and get yourself some big black frames.
With the glass so dark they won’t even know your name.
And the choice is up to you ’cause they come in two classes;
Generic aviators or cheap sunglasses.
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

I’m not saying Mina sent the email. But I’m also not not saying that.

There’s just one week left in the regular season and Derrick Henry – who has been out since Halloween – is still 6th in the NFL in rushing yards.

Having a kid to save the marriage always works out.

Man, some of those college football Bowl Games! Amirite?

Rest in peace, Jim Corsi.

The latest Spider-Man movie was pretty good; I just wish they would explain how he acquired those amazing powers.

Happy Anniversary to the Pat Sullivan/Matt Millen fracas.

Best bet for the weekend: N’Keal Harry redemption tour kicks off in Miami.

What is happening here? This can’t be safe for lefty batters to hit this time of day. Shouldn’t Barbaro be running around in the outfield?

Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Meta, other writers, league and team sources, BSMW poster Rickkyboy and the remaining members of #the15 were used in this column

Christmas isn’t over until BdlG says it’s over.

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