12/29/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Coach. Broadcaster. Large, Loud Person. Electronics Artist. Bus Rider. RIP. 

John Madden. He’s with the turduckens now.

Poor JB man. Losing half a tooth on Christmas is some shit.

Harry Reid done got Farrah Fawcett-ed.

Do Barstool employees have an explicit mandate that you must suck Portnoy’s dick 24/7, or is it like some sort of stolen valor persecution complex?

The food court is the best part of the mall.

Have the Buffalo Sabres won games at the TD Garden in back-to-back seasons? Because that means something.

Pattinson is guaranteed to be in my Batman top 3. He’s gonna crush this role, these trailers are only fueling my hype even more.

Im so old I can remember way back when everybody used to whine about there being too many bowl games.

Cakes are cooking for Ted Danson, Sean Payton, Margot Thien, Theo Epstein, and Alison Brie.

I dug the first episde of #BookofBobaFett as I think most hardcore Star Wars fans will. The return to Tattooine and so many familiar creatures and settings always put a smile on my face. Feels like a slow build of the story & characters and I can appreciate that.

To be fair, one set of heavily redacted court documents looks very much like another set of heavily redacted court documents.

John Madden was the one man on TV when I came of age in the 2000s that made me feel included in learning about and loving football. Not sure exactly what it was, but it never felt like he was talking past or above anyone who wanted to enjoy the game with him. What a loss.

Blue Line Update: Regularly scheduled service has resumed.

The #Vikings have officially placed WR Adam Thielen on Injured Reserve.

If Upton says they’re overrated, then they’re overrated.

News Item: Another Jersey Mike’s is on its way to the northern suburbs.

We’re living in Benny Hurd’s world.

I can’t believe you
You bend your words like Uri Geller’s spoons.
Not quite safe here
When every judgement seems to smack of doom.

Are you ok? I’m just fine
You take Nanci, for me Loretta’s fine.

Judon has the COVID? Another similarity between us!

It’s not well known, but Coach Madden took such a propriatary interest in his eponymous video game that for years he would debug the code for it.

Be weirder, Darren Rovell. You can’t!

Honk if you remember the International Inn of Hyannis.

Boston Globe taking a break from Mindy Kaling news to dig deep with a profile of Annie ‘the Bank Teller’ Finucane.

Please keep showing me your favorite Madden plays.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say farewell to those we also lost in 2021: OTF ARoy, Big Wan, 12 o’ Clock, Murdock, Edai, Gonzoe, KTS Dre, Indian Red Boy, Mike Darole, BCR Meezle, 18Veno, Chucky Trill, Flatline Nizzy, OG YD, DThang, Hotboy Ju, Boog the Bandit, Slim400, Young Dolph, and Drakeo the Ruler.

Josh Allen’s outburst just made me think of that bowling guy and his ‘Who do you think you are? I am!‘ freakout.

Best bet for the weekend: No tweeting after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Just a couple of working stiffs, caller.

(Standard disclaimer goes here.)

Also, Happy Birthday to actress Jane Levy.

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