11/17/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Charles Daniel ‘Chuck’ Cunningham, point guard, Jefferson HS (Milwaulkee, WI), Perdue University, NBA Detriot Pistons, Syracuse Nationals, Philadelphia 76ers. RIP.

The Patriots are 6-4. They are on a 4-game winning streak. Are in control of their playoff destiny. Watching the last seven games should be fun.

News Item: Fenway Sports Group in negotiations to buy the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins franchise.

E-Rod didn’t tip anyone off he was going to sign with Detroit?

Boston Globe Spotlight Team: Is Pastrnak Really a Good Kid? A Five-Part Investigation.

Zolak guessing the target pre-snap and being consistently wrong sure is fun.

Coach Udoka should call the ‘score more baskets during regulation’ play on the regular.

A one-all draw in a CONCACAF qualifier away against Jamaica? Worth a point.

Even Kyle Rittenhouse thinks Brian Burns is being a pussy about this.

idk who still needs to hear this but gaining wait is not a negative thing to be avoided at all costs

Cakes are cooking for Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Sean Miller, Eli Marrero, Lord Infamous, Katie Feenstra, and Nani.

Limo Wristlets!

Bruins need more goal scoring Charlies. Or not. Unsure as to the supply.

Make a note The real Irish call it Derry.

Jamie Collins (Senior) made one great play and then went on IR? That seems right.

Salutations, chums! This half-fortnight’s Precept that Renumerates is, “Well that’s a convenient line of logic and intellectual counter measure.”

Does anyone know where the love of God goes
When the waves turn the minutes to hours?
The searchers all say they’d have made Whitefish Bay
If they’d put fifteen more miles behind her.
They might have split up or they might have capsized
They may have broke deep and took water.
And all that remains is the faces and the names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters

The Queen of England is 95 years young, I believe. I want to know what’s her secret to her long life. Is it all the tea?

I think T-Swift enters into doomed relationships just for the songwriting material.

Slice seed the last week of March. It will be mint by Mother’s Day. Black Beauty Ultra and 16-26-10 starter fertilizer.

Peter King: “The NFL triples down on the most insane officiating decision in memory. I wish Cassius Marsh could fight this one to the Supreme Court.” This officiating upsets Pete, but not the beta testing of new catch rules and a missed illegal formation during SB LII. Pumpkin headed moron with a hint of citrus.

Hearing that Julio Lugo died made me think he was already dead, but that was José Lima I was initially thinking of. RIP to both.

Red Line Braintree Branch: Delays of up to 15 minutes southbound due to a train with an earlier mechanical problem.

A: Buckley, Compton, Cox, Edwards, Huard, Izzo, Patten, Phifer, Pleasant, Smith, Vrabel.

I used to like Al Michaels in his prime. Dude is flirting with 80 and he sounds like the gopher from Winnie-the-Pooh. Time to go.

Gasper back at the Globe. Nep Castiglione fought off another challenger.

Now Najee Harris will think the Super Bowl can end in a tie.

(Dylan-esque harmonica solo)

Theo thought I overpaid for packaging costs for the first batch of coffee mugs.

I object to Catfish Hunter being listed in sources as “Jim”. Baseball players should be listed by the name by which there were known IN BASEBALL. Home Run Baker’s family called him Frank, and Red Ruffing’s family called him Charles or Charlie. But we don’t list them that way.

Honk if you remember Coffee Time Syrup endorsed by Jimmy Piersall.

Zo, on Meyers’ touchdown: “if there’s anyone who deserves a touchdown more than this guy…it’s him.” Yogi Berra nods.

Teddy had a Latin temper too, Julio.

In a surprise, the Jets are planning to start Joe Flacco vs Miami, source tells ESPN. Zach Wilson still not 100%. Flacco’s experience likely a big factor in the decision, facing blitz-heavy D.

Aw man; not Heath Freeman, too!

Just realized why my wife likes it when I go to Patriots games. She gets peace and quiet for two days: the day of the game and the day after as I rest my voice.

‘Roni bar pie ‘za; who says no?

This ‘Drew Bledsoe – great teammate’ revisionist history cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. And won’t.

Best bet for the weekend: LeBron returns to action against the Celtics.

Boyd. Good boy, does a lot of things well, great camera presence.

Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Facebook, other writers, league and team sources, Bill James, BSMW users The Gimp, Kingasaurus, NASCL, and #the15 were used in this column. The morning after blues from my head down to my shoes.

It is also Sophie Marceau’s birthday.
Bon anniversaire!

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