11/10/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Top Rated by US News and World Reports.

Is Barstool Sportsbook offering an O/U on when Portnoy gets indicted for something?

A bad week last week for Astros.

That’s a right spiffy new logo you got, Revolution.

‘Mac Jones’s favorite Entitled Town co-host is Dave Brown.’ – Adam Archuleta

NE isn’t winning the OBJ Sweepstakes because of YOU.

With the $2.10 you won betting a dollar Kirk would wind up in the laughing acadamy again over this, you would still need 30 cents to ride the commuter rail for one fare zone.

Henry Ruggs thought the Atlanta Braves parade bus was travelling too fast.

Despite how you feel about the virus, vaccine, any of it, Joe Rohan is one of the most informed people on this rock.

Pasta is a good kid assisting on goals and such.

Cakes are cooking for Keith Lockhart, Kenny Rogers, Vanessa Angel, Lissa Maria Sneck, Ed Ward, and Warren G.

You want me for feel bad for Brian Burns and Cassius Marsh? In the same week?

Frank Gore is a boxer now. His first fight was just announced, against former NBA star Deron Williams.

The Celtics haven’t won a home game yet? I hope that changes tonight.

Why is Vikings fan Mike Florio so worked up over the NFL going easy on Aaron Rodgers? Oh, now I hear it.

Spulpits are gonna Spulpit. SMDH.

Hey Gang, this week’s Phrase that pays is “They’re gonna get the big sads and you’re fucked.”

Mixing cabbage and collard greens together is powerful.

In a 60-game stretch in 1969, Rico Petrocelli his .335 with 21 homers, and more than twice as many walks as strikeouts, 1.204 OPS. In a 60-game stretch beginning later in the season, carrying into 1970, he hit .229 with an OPS of .677.

I forgot to mention. . .twice as many strikeouts as walks in the second 60-game streak.

RIP, Peter Scolari! According to Adam Archuleta, you were America’s favorite Bosom Buddy.

Fought back against offseason depression today and took a shower.

They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating
And from what I’ve seen I believe ’em
Now the old boy may be barely breathing
But the heart of rock and roll
Heart of rock and roll is still beating.

Aaron Rodgers fined $14,650? That’s like half the amount of an equipment violation fine! Unbelevable.

Green Line Update: Shuttle buses will replace B Branch service between Kenmore and Babcock St, today and tomorrow, Nov 10 – 11, beginning at 8:45 PM through the end of service.

Tuukka spotted at WARRIOR Ice Arena?

Travis Scott crushes it live!

LL Bean? Get out your credit card or a whole wad of cash for that stuff!

Bigt decisions ahead for the UMass football program.

Adam Archuleta says that America’s favorite Halloween candy are NECCO Wafers.

Honk if you remember Major Mudd.

What’s the name of that singer from the Ting Ting’s again?

I hope Schwarbsy comes back.

Best bet for the weekend: Patriots playing their injury information cards close to the vest.


Material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, Facebook, other writers, league and team sources, Bill James, and #the15 were used in this column. Elvis has left the building.

Tea with BdlG!

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