Pats at Jets Game Recap

Zach Wilson: Double Agent.

   Throwing for 24 more yards than fellow 2021 draft mate, Zach Wilson bested Mac Jones in passing yards on Sunday in the Jets 25-6 loss to the New England Patriots.  Jones, drafted 13 slots behind Wilson, did not pass for a touchdown all day.  The New York Jets defensive line continued to give the Patriots OL fits.  They are seemingly without a right tackle, as Trent Brown was ruled out for Sunday’s matchup vs. Gang Green.  This caused confusion for the rookie QB, who was sacked three times in the win.

Beginner’s Luck?

              First year head coach Robert Saleh made Michael McCorkle Jones look human, considering local fanz were comparing him to Tom Brady II after last week’s loss.  The Patriots were gifted the ball back when the referees decided to not review a fumble early in the game due to a technicality.  Add a fumble to the sub 89.1 QB Rating, and the Patriots should be playing Powerball tomorrow ($472 million might get the old guy back in the saddle for one more run).  The struggle to pick up blitzes is on the RBs, and begs the question as to why Sony Michel was ever traded, nevermind drafted.

Problem Child.

              Christian Barmore was one of the few highlights in a day riddled with mistakes on both sides of the ball.  He racked up two tackles, and finally saw the field, even though we were told that he just had problems off the field in regard to drugs, learning disabilities, and being the wrong color, according to certain hyperlocal subscription sports writers. 

              The Patriots will need to clean up their act if they have any chance against a good New Orleans Saints team led by veteran QB Jameis Winston.  Hoping that they are not losing focus and peeking ahead to week four’s matchup against TB and TB.  One thing is for sure, Jones will need to throw for more than zero touchdowns next week.

S. Tzu-Pei is an Intern for The15.

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