The Announcement: Patriots pre-season Coverage! has long demonstrated frustration over the lack of quality, honest, agenda-free Patriots coverage in Boston Sports Media. Today, we offer a solution.

The’s coverage of tonight’s Patriots pre-season game will be handled by Joshua Marion of “The Joshua Marion and Friends Podcast.”

The newest author at, Joshua Marion

The 15 are excited to add Josh to the roster, and we’re confident his Patriots coverage will be more McDonough than Mittens. Josh is enthusiastic about sports (and the Patriots in particular), likes to keep things moving, and his Patriots insight will be authentic, informative and entertaining. Josh has editorial control over his Patriots coverage on the site and brings a fresh perspective that we hope you’ll find refreshing.

Josh’s Twitter handle is @jmarion34, and you can find his podcast here:

Welcome to, Josh. We’re Truly glad to have you in sports with us.


  • vigilantejournalist15

    Love it. Josh’s viewpoint does not always totally align with #The15, and that’s what I like about it.

    This is a big tent, with room for differing viewpoints.

    My problem with a lot of the Patriots beat guys is that they focus on being tough, but forget to be fair. Josh is both.


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