08/12/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Walter. Clement. Pipp. Not happening here.

Medal Count. Scoreboard. Suck it, China! USA! USA! USA!

You can tell you’re at a Revolution game by all the Liverpool shirts. Sorry; ‘kits’.

This could be the most anticipated exhibition preseason game in decades.

Which episode of the Call Him Papi podcast will Jared Carrabis grill David Ortiz about sleeping with drug dealers’ wives?

No, Manning and Brady can’t BOTH be the GOAT. Knock it off.

That said, TB12 is playing nice with all the wrong people.

Megan Rapinoe has spent the past few years acting like the lead singer of an all-girl U2 cover band. (“We’re called X2, you know, because of the chromosomes? Uno, dos, tres, catorce!!“)

Dugie swag. Dugie swaddle. Congratulations, Dugie.

You too David Andrews. And also Diana Russini.

Cakes are cooking for Sir Mix-A-Lot, Pete Sampras, Rebecca Gayheart, Casey Affleck, and Antoine Walker.

Pay them less.

If they are going to call it “street skateboarding” in the Olympics, there should be a couple of old guys driving around in a Honda and a Chevy yelling at the kids to get out of the way.

The New England Journal of Medicine should publish something about how non-colloidal gold treatment can reverse the effects of Losing DNA.

Manifestos get a bad rap nowadays.

This Iowa cornfield baseball game is going to get overshadowed like Farrah Fawcett by football. Good scheduling.

Green Line Reminder: Shuttle buses replace B Branch service between Kenmore and Babcock St, Mon – Thurs, beginning at 8:45 PM through the end of service. Also: Shuttle buses replace D Branch service between Brookline Village and Riverside, Mon – Thurs, beginning at 8:45 PM through the end of service.

Cover Heather Thomas and Heather Locklear in bubble wrap until the playoffs!

‘Cos if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
Yes, if you wanna run cool, you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel.

Were The Wood and Felger among the Covid culls from Barry’s Birthday Bash?

I don’t blame you Steve. All of my interactions with you on here are you just disagreeing with things. It’s not that enjoyable.

Jaguars coach Urban Meyer said it’s an open competition between QBs Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Minshew to start the season opener against Houston.

Hey hard of hearing and searching for offense gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is “I heard the Rockies fan say ‘Yanni’.”

Jale Dolegala, we hardly knew ye.

True story, ‘Spike Protein’ was my stage name for ten years.

Six shitty seasons in Dallas and this guy Jason Garrett is Colonel Jessuping people?

Serpentism is psychosomatic.

Boy do I love Eck telling stories about himself every day for no reason.

Honk if you remember Fotomat booths.

Congratulations to my Brewster Whitecaps, 2021 CCBL Champs!

Edge James? Cute little player. Not HoF. Sorrey!

Time to watch Field Of Dreams and cry.

One of Shank’s kids should check up on him: he forgot to call Bob Kraft ‘Hef’ in a recent dashed-off Sunday column.

Thanks, ‘Mr. J’. You’re a good sport.

The non-Truman bulldogs really should be named Snoopy and Prickly Pete. Unbelievable.

Best bet for the weekend: The Olde Towne Team climbs back into contention.

Took what was theirs!

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesNon-weirdo Bill James and #the15 were used in this column. Stay hydrated.

Marjorie Armstrong Markie’ Post. OOTG’s. RIP.

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