08/04/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin of Taiwan (Photo Credits: Taiwan)

It’s August. Do YOU know where Dont’a Hightower’s retirement papers are?

You can’t win a chip without getting into the yoffs.

Aaron Rodgers being painted as the good guy in any way is psychotic. In sports!

I’m not comfortable with saying Kris Dunn is coming home. He’s from Connecticut for chrissakes.

Canada soccer to USWNT: Sorrey!

Maybe Brad Stevens phone has a bad connecton? That’s a thing that still happens in 2021, right?

Katie Nolan is depressed? Hope the Sports Junk Drawer from a few weeks ago wasn’t too hard on her.

Deleting a tweet is a sign of guilt, Ben Volin, like DESTROYING A CELL PHONE.

So long 46. The Bruins loss is Krejcislovakia’s gain.

Cakes are cooking for Mary Decker Slaney, Dennis Lehane, Eddie Cade, Kurt Busch, and Cole & Dylan Sprouse.

Tracy Sormanti has been selected for induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame as a contributor? But what about Lisa Coles? She brought legitimacy to the Patriots Cheerleader organization!!

Smart of the Red Sox to get the four game losing streak out of the way now, rather than later. Bad as it is now, losing four in a row is much worse in the yoffs.

Buffalo Bills to become the Mexico City Guillermos? ¡Aye caramba!

Gn’R savied Paradise City for last so concert goers couldn’t Denny Drinkwater it.

I’m not one to engage in hyperbole, but the award Simone Biles took in the balance beam final is the most important bronze medal ever won in the history of competition. #hero

Christian Barmore is going to make Bedard look like a dummy again, isn’t he?

News Item: Taiwan wins gold in Olympic Mens Doubles badminton, China settles for silver.

There is a thing called @Legacy_Leagues basketball where they play on 8.5 feet hoops. Adults do this.

Just played a stretch of Thin Lizzy at the bar # Everyone is up in arms # im laughing

11-on-11 notes SZN.

Take a ring, and then another ring and then another ring, and then you’ve got three rings.

Think that Katie Ledecky is any good at swimming? Heh heh.

Congratulations to the Brewster Whitecaps, 2021 East Division Champs of the CCBL.

I get the decided impression I’m supposed to know who the blonde bespectacled person is in those Blue Moon Light Sky commercials, when I need an explicit ‘Brian Orakpo’ in-ad identification.

4th quarter Jason Tatum, anyone?

If you aren’t blasting music when pulling into any and all parking garages you are doing it wrong..pal.

Hey gang of radio buffs, this weeks Phrase that Pays is “Eastern Columbia, Broadway at Ninth.”

There is a definitely a ‘Cam is great, he exhales carbon dioxide, which is good for plants’ vibe to Coach Bill’s level of praise so far for last year’s starter.

Dondero was voted class clown in middle school and has been running with it ever since.

Great work winning that CONKYCAFF Gold Cup, other US Men Soccer Squadron.

Honk if you remember Keystone Ice.

The new WEEI poobah is an Indy Colts guy? Start work on that ‘Boston Radio Ratings Participant’ Banner!

I don’t think you can start at ‘cvnt’ and call that an escalation.

Fun Fact: Cuban Rounds don’t cause cancer!

Green Line Update: The B Branch work scheduled for this evening, August 4, has been cancelled due to the weather.

What kind of people make fun of their friend’s awesome summer hat?

Overall Medal Count vs Gold Medals Won is the Olympics equivalent of ‘Points scored against’ vs ‘Yards allowed’.

Josh, Nathan, and Matt. Back together again .

Not to tell the Thomas’s people how to run their business, but they need to ramp up production of Toast R Cakes.

Yoffs is sooo fetch.

If the Red Sox continue to lose, will that give Greg Bedard more time to work on the Loyko investigation?

We all still miss you, LJSandwich, you old fartknocker.

Best bet for the weekend: a safe and contemplative Victory Day long weekend in the Ocean State.

More, please.

material from interviews, wire services, Facebook, other writers, league and team sources, BSMW and #the15, were used in this column.

I hope these crazy kids can work things out.


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