07/21/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Well that’s not right.

Bucks winning the Finals will be a nice story to tide Wisconsinites over until Rodgers holdout becomes official.

Red Sox were clearly broken up about Biz during the Yankees series.

Marisa Ingemi; no longer a free agent. Congratulations.

Wait, a team from somewhere other than Los Angeles or Tampa is gets to win a championship?

All these Caribbean soccer teams have sweet nicknames.

Is Misty May-Trainor 200 lbs yet?

News Item: Malika Andrews is the youngest sports broadcaster to host the NBA Finals Trophy ceremony.

Cakes are cooking for Eric Bazilian, Jon Lovitz, Ali Landry, Tamika Catchings, and Juno Temple.

Tom forgot to wear his MAGA hat to the White House ceremony.

Kyed leaving NESN? Who’s gonna type up the “Skip Bayless said this about the Patriots” clickbait tweets now?

Morikawa’s an assassin. Perhaps even a ninja.

Ray Lewis’s hyperbolic ‘watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game’ speech about the 2011 NFL lockout? That, but only about free agent Richard Sherman.

Maybe in 18 years Giannis can costar in a Warner Brothers Looney Tunes movie, ‘Space Tzatziki.’

Didn’t like that one? Well Mypos Fitzy thought it was great!

Congratulations to @pff_kyed and the fake spike king on their new role.

Never eat at a place with the word ‘shanty’ in it.

Peak Gammo makes Rap look like a water carrying piker.

Free agent pass-rusher Alex Okafor is signing back with the #Chiefs, source said. He gets a 1-year deal and will return to KC, his home for the last two seasons.

Thornton and his kid should go surfing at Nauset dressed as seals.

Pleased to see the crowds back at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

From the Eye Column: “Our spies tell us Boozy QB/QT Mac Jones noshed at Davio’s with PR czar George Regan and Pats poobah Robert Kraft before choppering to Tanglewood to take in the Pops. All the better to not be behind the wheel. File that under: musby nice.”

Wife wanted to see flowers. They’re the same flowers that grow at home, but in a different place.

“People who flatter me are classy” – Jen

Watch This Space for this Week’s Phrase that Pays!

Pogacar is a cyclist? Not gonna lie, that’s confusing.

If you get to the Christmas Tree Shops before Memorial Day, there’s great deals on beach chairs and adirondacks that won’t even last a full season.

Remember the old maxim: Grey Goose is just a sip away from “Gay Gooks.”

I don’t think the Blue Origin rocket looked like that. I think it looked like a neck massager.

As the late gorilla monsoon once famously said..stick a fork in Conor McGregor after last Saturday night

One combination still impresses;
Women, wind and summer dresses.
Meet me underneath that hollow tree,
I hope you don’t mind if thunder follows me.

Honk if you remember Toe Nash.

Warner Brothers really missed an opportunity to make Lola Bunny trans.

Malika is a reporter, not the youngest RAF pilot during the Blitz. Sheesh.

Will Kyed be tabulating sti+ as part of his job for PFF?

The Peabette would make the15’s All Scholastic Squad, if we had one. Now take that 3.9 GPA and explain to your dad vaccines do prevent disease.

Welcome to Boston, Mari Salazar!

Pro tip: don’t get your Covid vaccine from a Portagee restaurant in Fall River.

Green Line D Branch Update: Regularly scheduled service has resumed.

A Stoolster Big Papi podcast? Rolleyes. Do people even fucking still like Ortiz?

Chris Paul just wins everywhere he goes except for Phoenix and Oklahoma City and Houston and LA and New Orleans and Wake Forest

Best bet for the weekend: the Olympic Spirit.

Strangely poignant

material from interviews, wire services, Facebook, other writers, league and team sources, possibly BSMW, and #the15, were used in this column. Verified by PIN, No signature needed.

Congratulations to Old Friend Heidi Watney for making broadcast history or something.
Type ‘Congratulations’ more

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