06/30/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Go grandpa – grandma!

You can’t spell GONE without a Big O. AlOha, Glenn.

Kids today taking selfies at Fenway instead of scoring the game using your own proprietary system of notations. Sad!

<sighs> Just to get it out of the way – yes, yes, Nia Long *is* everything.

From mystique and aura to missing Tack and horror, for the Yankees Gerrit Cole. You hate to see it.

Is today ‘Post like Gammo or Uppy Day’? Sheesh.

Is that Minifan logo a guy staring into the headlight of an oncoming train?

Montana has weatherbunnies and wide open highways without another car for miles and miles. Just sayin’.

Cor blimey, that one Euro 2020 footie match was a boffin’s spanner!

Hiring former Spurs assistant coaches not named Becky? Troubling.

Cakes are cooking for Randy Ladouceur, Karolyn Kirby, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Monica Potter, and Chan Ho Park.

They’ve already played four games of the NBA Finals? When? Wait: not the Finals. Whew!

Oooh, semi-cryptic!

May have just eaten the whole box of ice cream sandwiches.

Those annoying subscription card thingies aren’t in Boston Magazine as much as Jen Royle is.

He’s a walkin’ contradiction
Partly truth and partly fiction
Takin’ every wrong direction
On his lonely way back home.

Have a wedding July 17 and a golf tournament July 31. Otherwise I should be wide open.

That’s enough of your yimmer-yammer and shilly-shally.

Boston does have sufficient dedicated bike lanes if Coach Udoka wants to make Jayson and Jaylen ride to practice every day on a bicycle built for two.

Is Greek the Freak now Gimp the Limp?

What am I supposed to do with those three free articles in the Concord Monitor now?

Blehhhh! Missing pigeons! Blehhhhhh!!

Anthony Ramos says he is not disappointed by the box office turnout for #InTheHeights.

Yes Fenway fans, that win was, ‘sweet’, just like said in your chant!

Sportsblogging at a TV station is like dancing about architecture.

College World Series? Is that another thing Almost-a-Coach Bedard is an expert about?

Hey Dudes, this weeks Phrase that Pays is; “Now you see what happens when you find a Stranger in the Alps!’

Bon travail bon effort femme avec un signe.

This Gatorade is warm! Take their picks. All of them.

This was a bad week to have an irrational aversion to wearing shorts masquerading as a point of pride.

That Yankees equipment truck is like a metaphor, or something.

Does that Supreme Court NCAA ruling mean UMass gets its Final Four appearance reinstated?

A heat advisory has been declared for the Entitled Town Metropolitan Statistical Area. Be prepared for rolling interruptions in the podcasting schedule. Cry, but hydrate.

Honk if you remember Tidy Cat.

Green Line B Branch Update: Train service is resuming between Kenmore and Washington St, shuttle buses are being phased out.


Just for the All-Star game, pitchers should be able to bring a bucket of whatever they want to cheat with.

Will Amaka Ubaka interview Ime Udoka?

Reminder: TEVA sandals are to be written in all caps. Like WARRIOR Ice Arena.

A fireworks shortage? Not among #The15.

Well whatsherface is certainly the most famous third place finishing hammer thrower ever.

Some days Twitter is just one big 24 hour open meeting of Oversharers Nononymous. Or Pseudonymous.

Best bet for the weekend: Songs that build up America.

Yankees truck! Yankees truck!

material from interviews, wire services, Facebook, other writers, league and team sources, BSMW, and #the15, were used in this column. Surface will be hot during use.

Ash + Kat, the Hess twins. I’m not sure what it is exactly they do, but they look good doing it.

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