The 2021 Memorial Day Mixtape Playlist

Covers! And originals.

(Dear The15net dot com Wicked Pissah Beantown Chowderheads Platinum Elite Members; Here is a musical playlist for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Click HERE to download. Songs to enjoy as you learn to socialize ouside again. Additional song suggestions are welcomed in the comments. )

part one

Squidneck Nights – Avenged Fifteenfold

Gettin’ It Back Together (Odin Lloyd mix) – MC WhaCx Beenz

Renumberin’ the Exits on Highway 61 (It’s all a Big Lie) – Ron Muskmelon Catamount

I Hate Myself and Want To Die – Gregvana

Everyone Has AIDS – Lease: The Musical Official Soundtrack Album

One Way Train – The Concussed McNultys

Vacation – The Gabs Gabs

Wear Your Mask Save the Olympics – Shigeyoshi Wholesome Entertainment and Vending Concern Water Spiders Song Group

Swallowed On A Drive (Love Ya, Dad) – The Gaspers

Dog on the Road – AC/DC

Love Theme to ‘Coptown’ – Tacoma Bernstein

MmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmMmmmbop – Greg thee Dee.

Burners in the House – Talking Marvs

Total Eclipse of the Heart (club remix) – DJ Dukati and Combat Skill Level X

Be A Man – Macho Man Randy Savage

Glory (Hole) Days – Gary Tanguay and the D Lister Band

Blowin’ Russell In The Wind – Bob Ryan

Cupcake – Tulips For Salgernon

Hi Marv – Twentythree Pilots Avenged Seventeenfold

GaGa For Radio, We Will Block You—>We Are In Sports – Yasss Queen from (Here’s Some) Live AIDS

Masters of WAR – Freewheelin’ Chaim

The KKK Took My Loyko Away – The Dearly Bedarded

Fam First – Lumpy Bigs

Pour Some Sugar on Me Coffee, Tanya – Shannon Sharpe

Need Runs Tonight/Ameliorate – GSTR

part two

Meathead Rolodex – Sex Furniture

One – The Unathletic

Mask Off (Hunting for Bargains) – Turtle Boi feat. Colonel Callahan

Pod Like Nobody’s Watching – Iggy Bedard and Nicky the Hat

Epicycle – Luminiferous Ether

The Cliffy, Cliffy Shakes – The Shortstop Carousel

Make ’em say Ugh – The Silver Bullets

Gettin’ It Black (In Order) (Remix) -The Notorious TRF

Fut – Fat Finger Override

He Was Just Turning His Life Around – Jonathan White & The Cargo Shorts

Football Genius (Twitchy Mind) – Lil Scouty

Cocaine Woos! – Scotty Zolak

Good Friends Neighbors Mom –  Auhrey Duff

America is Dying Slowly – Wu-Tang Clan featuring the 15

Hot Takes! – James Stewart

Welcome to the Playground – The Tanguay Home

Dartchesta, Mass (Stabbin’ Kill Da Booty Mix) – Dork Adam$

Cry – Godley & Creme

Visualization Of The Space Mind Gargamel Part XVII: Millenial Solipsism – Dero Spedes

You Light Up My Life, Felger – Cam’ron in Taun’ton

Funny (That’s What I Want) – Girlz In Sportz

Richie and the Gresh – Elton and the Cellar Dwellers

They’re Always A Woman – Britni Joel

Bounce Pass – Hatrack McGoo

(Do the) Dugie Swag – Dragging Dondero

part three

Racism is Bad (You Round Eyed Devil) – BTS

A.T.R.O.M.G.O. (Auto Tuned Recitation Of Material Goods Owned) – MC Deejay with DJ EmmCee

Hey Bud – Kent Jackson and the Burners

(She’s got) Sneaky Tits – Big Head Maud and the Tomsters

Rock the Sports Hub – The Wobie Wobie Blahos

I kissed a boy – BJ Peen

Deeds After 9 – Luxury Vinyl Planks

Mongo Mindbullets – The Dead Wilburys Avenged Twentyninefold

Raining Blood – Meathead Slayer

Waraq In The Raq – Waraq

The Joker – The Meghan Ottolini Band

Dazed and Confused (that you aren’t Blaho) – Sal thee Utitorian

Holiday in California – Stids-Kennedys

B$P Workout Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Auxiliary Stairwell Climb Mix)

Hey Marv – Mitch Hedberg’s The Wall

Abusive Yucky Man – The John Karalis Experience

Never Dondero – The Smacking Lips

I Want Your AIDS – The 15

Tom E. Please Lose My Number – Jonesy Dad

Running Joke – Avenged Thirtysixfold, but then Ninefold Vengance Subtracted

Red Red Australian Wine – SP40

All Items Pertaining To Thee – Ugly Kid Gas

Shiny Orange People – SARAH

Squidneck Nights (11 seconds longer version) – Avenged Fifteenfold

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