Boston, MA — 5/3/21 — Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announces that Massachusetts will transition to a new phase of its vaccination efforts, including gradually ramping down some mass vaccination sites in the coming months and pivoting to more targeted approaches at a press conference held at the State House. POOL photo

The Red Sox, they do a lot better when they score first.

Greg Dickerson only following 56 people on Twitter is legitimately nuts.

Stidhsy has been saying in a loud stage whisper that Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Finley aren’t the short-term solution for the Texans.

Sure, trading Mookie Betts was less than ideal. But John Henry’s biggest personnel sin? Not retaining Heidi Watney. Unforgivable.

Why can’t Tom Wilson bodycheck Evan Lazar?

“I hope you all enjoy life, except that cvnt Abby Chin who took my job.” – Dickerson, most likely.

Vasco has some great unis, storied franchise founded as a rowing club in Rio by Portuguese immigrants.

An Ice Cream truck just went by. Symbol of a bygone time, Danny.

Cakes are cooking for Rick Cerone, John Friesz, Turk Wendell, London Fletcher, and Kevin Garnett.

The old barn is gonna be rocking tonight, eh Brick?

Forget ‘Friends’, what we all want is a “Mustard & Johnson” reunion special.

Hi Kent. Have you been touching yourself?

Detroit’s Spencer Turnbull just no-hit Seattle. Fifth nine-inning no-hitter in MLB this year. The record in the Modern Era is seven in one season. Second time the Mariners have been no-hit this season. It’s May 18, and they are hitting .199 as a team. That is a real statistic.

Buy more fireworks why don’t you?

That La Russa thing reminds me of Grady against the Marlins.

News Item: Pasta is a good kid.

Turtleboy shopping at Marshall’s is terrific.

Matty? He’ll be back. Just you see.

How long was Bert Breer at the Dallas Morning News and however long that was why does he think that made him a honorary member of the Cowboys organization?

Hey golden boy gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is “Belichick Binkies.”

Mile 22 on the Maine Turnpike is Cat Mousam Road, en route to Portland.

Please excuse my ignorance but what is a cishet man?

Honk if you remember Reddy Kilowatt.

A lot of people think Connecticut is part of new England.

Who is Rio Gomez?

TV dinners, I’m feelin’ kinda rough
TV dinners, this one’s kinda tough
I like the enchiladas, and the teriyaki too
I even like the chicken, if the sauce is not too blue.
And they’re mine, all mine,
Oh, yeah!

Red Line Braintree Branch Update: Trains are returning to regularly scheduled service.

Demi’s new pronouns aren’t ‘Dese, Dem, and Dose?’

Chuck Grodin. OOTG’s. Rest in Peace.

The #Lions and OT Penei Sewell have agreed to terms on his 4-year, $24.1M fully guaranteed contract. He gets a $14.88M signing bonus.

Surf’s up!

Best bet for the weekend: a straight trouncing of the Red Bulls by the Revolution.

Had the poor luck to get released into theaters a week after Die Hard.

Standard disclaimers apply.

Soon we all won’t have to social distance anymore. Yay!

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