05/12/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Is this the schedule? Credit: @LeaksNFL

More days in first place.

If you’ve ever suffered a torn scapholunate ligament, let us know in the comments.  

Chuck Finley can finally relax.

One more thing, Dale loves his mom more than you.

Where are the UDFA’s?

You can’t send your squad out on to the pitch with a false nine! Cor! Blimey!

I noticed in collegiate wrestling no one ever uses the Polish Hammer.

Cakes are cooking for Stacy Wilson, Tony Hawk, Jim Furyk, Steve Smith and Emily VanCamp.

Belichick talks to Baffort, Baffort horse gets busted for doping. Hmmm.

Don’t open your college commitment announcement like you’re getting divorced, ahkay?

Blehhhh! Play in game! Blehhhh!!

Gosh darn it Aiden, you should have reached out. People would have helped you.

That Chinese rocket could have really gotten people mad at the Orientals.

Hey gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is “Take it easy, AIDS feet.’

Bottom line: Warren Sapp is an asshole. Always was, always will be.

It’s a very difficult decision to choose between UMass Dartmouth and Johnson & Wales. Like deciding between Texas and Georgia.

Tim Tebow is In Sport.

Bill Barnwell seems like someone who takes sex vacations in the Far East.

Why exactly is doping a race horse a bad thing?

Best Roast Beef in the Commonweath? Not North Shore, not South Shore. Merrimack Valley.

News Item: Leonardo DiCaprio unrecognizable in first photos of new Scorsese film.

DK Metcalf came in last, fact; not opinion.

Purple is great. They also give you the option to pay it off with Affirm so you don’t have to drop four digits.

She got whatever it is, it blows me away
She’s everything I want to say to a woman
But I couldn’t find the words to say
She got whatever it is.

The Taylor Swift Education Center opened today in Nashville. That is beyond awesome. Such a power move! @taylorswift13 is my girl!

Honk if you remember Skylab.

I can’t remember it being this consistently windy! Probably the Russians.

Woo Sox! Woo!

The Washington Football has its left tackle: The WFT is signing former #Bears LT Charles Leno to a 1-year deal worth $5M, per @SlavinRon.

Bedard is in the same shape as Babe Ruth in his Boston Braves days. See, it all comes back to baseball.

Lynnette can now drink all the passion fruit iced tea she wants.

Thank you, warrior98, whoever you are.

Best bet for the weekend: cheapies from the Capitals.

Don’t you love Opening Ceremonies, Craig? I do; I really do.

material from interviews, wire services, Facebook, other writers, league and team sources, BSMW user Hascksaw, and #the15, were used in this column. May cause drowsiness.

Let’s remember Ms. Kitaen as she was. RIP.


  • Thank you Scarsty – Warrior98

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    • I keep trying to ask that alabaster Bismarck of a sports media critic Chard Finn to address the matter, but now my comments are starting to be removed. I keep re-posting them. Biggest frauds on the planet at the Boston Globe.


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