Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer: Emergency Cam Newton Edition

If we look at this through the prism of ‘Bill doesn’t care what the media thinks’ this is a win, I guess.

Full offseason and a year more removed from shoulder surgery. I’m in. (Not really)

Know what will calm me down? An illegible Instagram post!

Maybe they’re signing Cam just to attract all the free agent weaponz?

I almost think this makes them more likely to trade up for Lance. Lance definitely isn’t ready but you aren’t taking on the vet for more than a year.

Where was Bedard with the scoop?

I jinxed it by trying to reverse mush it by saying Bill was going to bring him back out of spite.

Less yakking and more coaching, Jordan Palmer!!!

It is impossible to be reasonable about this right now. He’s cooked.

Already talking myself into a one year deal meaning nothing.

Waiting on @RapSheet to tell us that Cam had multiple offers, including at least one multiyear deal, but felt he has unfinished business in New England.

Bill has given money to veteran players he admires before.

So maybe Tawm had a point about taking the offensive keys away from Bill?

The new QB’s insta would’ve been cringy garbage anyway.

At least the coach has a history of starting an unproven young guy over a high priced underperforming veteran.

The sad thing is that except for the fruity clothing, goofy social media posts, inability to pass, misguided confidence, excessive cigar smoking, batted down passes, lack of ball security…

They’re definitely drafting a 1st round QB and trading for Beckham and signing Golladay.

I’m not rooting for someone named “Lance”.

It’s not in a lot of the medical literature, but COVID is notorious for making QBs set their feet perpendicular to the direction they’re throwing.

I love Patriots Twitter. It’s entertaining during the offseason.

Again taking Belichick at his word, and hearing everything the team says about him, they love the guy.

The contract better have an incentive for a legible font on his Instagram.

This is gonna kill Stidhsy when he wakes up and finds out; one o’ clock Eastern, nine AM Pacific.

If they keep Cam and trade away Harry all the wrong people are going to be insufferable. Correction: even more insufferable.

Kinda stole poor Justin Bethel’s thunder.

Noontime: actually, Cam is paying the Patriots 14M to let him hang around and is opening a bespoke chapeau shop in the old TB12 space.

Ask me in August.

Assembled from the instant reactions of #the15. And others.

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