03/10/2021 Cleaning Out The Sports Junk Drawer

Happy Anniversary. Rudy Gobert’s existence, though grotesque and incomprehensible, probably saved lives.

When is International ‘People In Sports’ Day?

Saturday mornings are for people pretending to care about English professional soccer now, apparently.

I can’t believed they killed Wanda.

Neanderthal is by far the most offensive N-word I can think of.

Hockey Twitter stinks. Sorrey!

Trent Brown seems really excited to play with Tom Brady.

Maybe stop snapping the pills in half, Kyrie?

Cakes are cooking for Pam Oliver, Neneh Cherry, Eva Herzigova, and Belinda Bencic.

Try to name five current Red Sox players. You can’t.

Anyhoo, that Markle broad seems nice.

If Pipkin didn’t get sent off for that bullshite second yellow, they’d be dancing in the streets of Kingston-Upon-Hull.

If only Bill’s other busts could be so easily removed.

Maybe no Fronchy on Opening Day?

Funny for all of Bedard’s supposed sources telling him Jimmy G is ‘Plan A’, no one broke the Trent Brown trade to him.

I wanted to observe the occasion, but I worry that saying “Happy International Women’s Day!” sounds like I’m telling all women everywhere to smile at once.

Titans release cornerback Malcolm Butler, per source.

Dale Arnold has left work with a box more times than Jack Nicholson.

This is true and you can look it up: When Albert Pujols was a rookie, his team also had another rookie named Stubby Clapp.

Does this mean I can’t watch Uncle Drew anymore, Kyrie?

The greatest trick Dart Adams ever pulled was convincing the world he existed.

Are we sure Myers Leonard didn’t mean “you Kiké bitch”?

If you want to do an interview to complain about an insanely rich old lady who has no idea about the struggles of ordinary people, clearly Oprah is your first call.

Clearly Gerry Callahan is a racist who hates gingers.

Say clearly more.

Hey pal, this week’s Phrase that Pays is “Fine honey, we’re going to Sonic. What a life.

I’m not aware of too many things
I know what I know, if you know what I mean.
Philosophy, is a walk on the slippery rocks,
Religion is a light in the fog.

Blehhhhh! Compensatory draft picks! Blehhhh!!

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross died? Back in 2004? This is going to take some time to process.

Biting issues with the Biden dogs? Should have gotten golden retrievers.

Women don’t celebrate themselves enough the other 364 days out of the year.

Well as a kid I read ‘And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street’, and I turned out fine.

Honk if you remember The Maniacal One, Chuck Waseleski.

Leonbergers like #BoldFlavors, too, apparently.

Did Warner Brothers de-sexualize Lola Bunny because of concerns about Kobe Bryant? I’m jus asking the question.

Stay off the ice over the next few days!

Did you know that Cecil Cooper’s middle name was “Celester”? Well, now you do.

Death Cat Mike Holley comes for us all.

That Anya Taylor-Joy gal has quite a mouth on her.

I miss being able to play Entitled Town Bingo.

How do you replace a talent like Danielle Murr? I guess you start by hiring any other woman on the planet who doesn’t want to talk sports.

Radio baseball: a theater of the mind.

Best bet for the weekend: Episode 55 of Josh Marion and Friends featuring Greg Bedard.

Springfield, MA. Mortgage-free Western Mass.

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesBSMW, definite non-weirdo Bill James and #the15 were used in this column

Pensive. Pouty. Pretty.

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