02/24/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

A golf course under snow. Allegedly.

Sports creatives are depended on for so much and not valued nearly enough for the enormous and diverse amount of work that we do, and not feeling valued is a terrible feeling.

I guess Earl wasn’t the family member who taught Tiger how to drive. What?

The fact that it is only February 24th and I have to wait another month for the Patriots to have a quarterback is sad and bad.

If you use commas in your ellipsis then you need to turn in your pretend sports media card.

Pasta is a Good Kid. A Good Kid in a Barbie World.

Maybe, in the alternative, let’s don’t blow it up and fire Brad and put Danny out on an ice floe on the Great Salt Lake, or however the Mormons do things?

Johnny Damon had to get home.

Avalanche have a really good team this year. Makar (UMASS) is fucking sick. He’s the real deal.

Does Jarrett Stidham think he’s still in high school? Get on the practice field, lover boy!

Cakes are cooking for Alain Prost, Paula Zahn, Fuad Reveiz, Manon Rheaume, and Zach Johnson.

All those 1980’s NFL quarterbacks’ kids were born with birth defects and somehow Chris Simms gets to survive into his 40’s? Life isn’t fair.

CM Punk retired? I thought that happened years ago.

The media circling around Always Accessible Cam as a lure to FA signees is aggravating me.

Knock-Knock. ‘Who’s there?’ Dart Adams. ‘Dart Adams who?’ EXACTLY.

That Oklahoma football player fight video was boring. Sorrey!

Why not just tell us how big your new condo is, rather than post a stupid video ostensibly about bulldogs? Oh, right you did tell us that, too.

Anybody want to invest in a no helmet, no pads, tackle football league? #EatGlass #FamFirst

Hey gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is “It’s time to be patient – lots of speculation in the media from doctors who have never treated these kinds of injuries.”

It sokay t’admit a seemingly good guy is cooked as a starting quarterback. The rest is just gaslighting.

Just rediscovered ‘Time Passages’ by Al Stewart. Thanks interwebs!

I bet LJ Sandwich would have appreciated the Bruins 90’s themed outfits. Him and Fred and Ted.

What happens when your franchise QB becomes your bridge QB and he’s still paid like a franchise QB?

Why not just lower the prices for t shirts at Super70ssportsstore.com by $5.00?

It seem like Nick Cafardo has been gone for way more than two years.

Around the world, around the world. Rock, robot rock.

Even the loathsome Red Sox Ownership Group would balk at trading Pastrnak. Good job, good effort 98.5 dummies.

I have to make 80 Peet’s Holiday Blend K-cups last until November. Less than ideal.

From NFL Now: An extension for #Bucs QB Tom Brady would make sense for all sides, easing Tampa Bay’s cap hit and securing Brady (playing as well as ever) for another year.

Blue Line Update: Regularly scheduled service has resumed.

Asante. Just no.

Nine three-pointers? WOW

The toughest thing about podcasting? Converting time zones.

Teamwork make the team work.

Honk if you remember Montreal Canadiens coach Claude Julien.

BTS is an internet acronym for ‘bad to say.’

With Kobe gone and Tiger down, has ESPN dispatched an entire Blackwater mercenary team to protect LeBron? 

Man, Chuck Jones died. In 2002.

veryceleb dot com. Not exactly a lightweight.

Best bet for the weekend: refund applications to 5Dimes Sportsbook.

This is what life was like in the nineties.

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesBSMW, and #the15 were used in this column. What are we looking at here, Conor?

Because reasons.

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