BJBSJ Statement Regarding Current David Ortiz Speculation

Statement From The 15 Regarding Current David Ortiz Speculation

For Immediate Release:

I don’t deal in rumors and gossip, especially when it comes to David Ortiz.

Guess what I do know to be true?

He’s the ballplayer who played his heart out for us for over a decade.

He’s the man who made us believe that anything is possible and anything can be overcome.

He’s the hero who showed us how to be strong again after the terrorists tried to break us.

He’s the charitable man who has taken care of so many people here and in his home country, especially sick children.

And he’s a good person who didn’t deserve to be hunted and gunned down by animals.

— Steve Bosell

Managing Editor, The 15 Net

Material from personal interviews, wire services, other beat writers, bloggers, and league and team sources was used in this report.

Steve Bosell has been Managing Editor of The 15 Net since fall 2012. He resides in Lynn, MA with his wife and three children.

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