The Thomas Crown (Super Bowl Trophy) Affair

What’s good with it my peeps? It seems like all everyone is talking about these days is how Tom Brady (former Patriots player) left the Patriots to go to the Tampa Buccaneers. More like Tompa Buccaneers am I right girls (pretend my hand is up but nobody is high-fiving it like Tommy)?

For those of you who don’t know, Tom was a player on the Patties for over 15 years and won several Super Bowls (Championships) here with the Hoodey. He even went undefeated one year. He set several records, but ironically the one thing he could not do was run. Until he ran to Tampa. There were rumblings about him leaving Boston for years. As a woman in sports, you get some inside knowledge sometimes. I never disclosed it, but I heard Brady had an Eastern-medicine trainer who put Avocados in his ice cream. Lol Avocado ice cream WUT!!!! Also, he sired a baby out of wedlock. I also heard that Tom hated Jimmy Garop so much that his trainer wouldn’t let him into his dojo. I’ll take some of this info to my grave, like Tom sent a guy to take .2 air pounds out of a football so he could throw it to the Colts one game just to mess with them. Luckily nothing came of it.

There were some days that Brady got along with the coaching staff

Enough of the silly rumors though. We ain’t spilling anymore teas. It’s time to talk facts. Brady and coach Belichick have hated each other for years. Even when they won Super Bowls and kissed, it was a spiteful kiss like the Godfather Corleone. Now they get a chance to go head to head to definitively settle who is better at football this weekend when the Pats play the Bucks. The only way we will not know who is better at the sport at the end of the game is if they tie. There is a chance that happens.

A young Belichick early in the dynasty with old uniforms

So you guys don’t just read this to hear juicy rumors. You want bold takes. So here it is: My prediction for Pats v. Buccaneers. A tie. 24-24 or 28-28. Last time these two teams played, the Pats won, so that is a huge factor, but I think it was in London so honestly not sure if it counts.

One last thing my loves. Over the past few weeks, #the15 has been so good to me and my family (furbabies) that I have to shout them out here. They have provided emotional support by taking me out for drinks, but they have also given me thousands of dollars when I needed it most (cable / internet) just to help me bring my thoughts to you. I know #the15 is not for everybody. It can be stressful and demanding. Just know, as they requested, I am working on that monthly bikini calendar they have asked me to put together and it will be done in time for Christmas (or other race/ religion holidays). Like Jewels Edelman said — #the15forever.

Anita Thrust is the lead writer for Competent Ladies Against Mansplaining section of The15net dot com. She lives in the Greater Boston Area with her rescue doggo Yodel, and her cats, Alice B. Toklas and Lil Wobey. Follow her @anitafifteen on the Twitter machine.

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