Will The Patriots Regret Releasing Cam Newton?

Credit for this photo goes to boston.com

On a Tuesday (obviously this past Tuesday), earth shattering, internet-breaking news occurred when Cam Newton was released by the New England Patriots. Just when most folks thought Bill Belichick was going to start Cam Week One, he shocks us once again. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the real reason why Cam Newton was cut but is this decision going to come back to bite the Patriots in the ass? Will this be regrettable for years to come or will it only be regrettable for four weeks?

For starters, regret is a strong word and I think this may be the type of thing the Patriots “regret” for four weeks. I wanted the Pats to start Newton Week One but Belichick went a different direction. Rookie Mac Jones is now our starter and while I’m a little disappointed in Belichick, I am not really that upset.

Belichick has his reasons but he may have ultimately realized that if Mac Jones was going to start eventually why not just start him Week One. For the football team that was the main reason but I also believe Newton’s ego was a factor. Cam was never going to sit behind Jones and mentor him. It’s just not in Cam’s DNA at the moment to be a mentor- he always wants to be big man on campus.

Mac Jones seems to have the mental capabilities to be a starting NFL quarterback but some are worried if he is physically ready. The only physical problem with Cam is that his football throwing ability has severely diminished but I thought Belichick should have given Cam the chance to start the season. In a now 17 game season, the quarterback room looks less formidable.

Don’t get me wrong now- I know Mac Jones is going to thrive in this offense and under these coaches. I just think the decision to pull the plug on Cam came too soon.

Obviously time will tell whether the Patriots will “regret” cutting Cam Newton and we wish him well in the future. Cam fell in line with the Patriots philosophy and that will never be forgotten. Now it’s Mac Jones time to shine and ultimately we all can’t be too upset about that.

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