MAC and puhlease

Whatup my peeps!! Back from a mucho necessito mental health break. Before I get into why it is absolutely clear that Cam should be QBone, I just want to thank everyone for the messages, calls and letters checking in on me. It is hard to be a woman in this world, and even harder to be a woman in the world of sports.

Anyway, after a 3 and 0 preseason, the Patties and the Hoody are looking to dominate the NFL once again. The NFL these days is all about analytics. No more George Lombardi waving his fedora around screaming about lifting weights. It’s the Nine’s and the O’s not the Jimmies and Pros. So in a completely dispassionate and meticulous way, I have come to the irrefutable conclusion that Cam Newton needs to be Qbe1.

It’s not my opinion, it’s just facts. Let’s start with the Giants game. See below as Exhibit A.

There’s no way this was incomplete

Later in the game, maybe the 3rd or 2nd quarter, Cam did this.

Refs not even looking lol

That is what the NFL is all about. Also, show me one time Mac Jones ever looked this cool.

Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion – Jay-Z

You can debate this until the cows come home, but we’ve seen enough. It’s like in The November Man when Devereaux has to choose if he will kill Ulanova. There’s no choice. Mac may be a better passer, decision maker, more vaccinated, protector of the football, communicator of pass protections, know the playbook better, with a quicker release and greater accuracy, but Cam owns up to his mistakes, something Mac has never had to do.

It’s a no brainer. Lets’ go dollar Bill. As a famous sports fan once said: Do the Right Thing – Spike Lee.

Anita Thrust is the lead writer for Competent Ladies Against Mansplaining section of The15net dot com. She lives in the Greater Boston Area with her rescue doggo Yodel, and her cats, Alice B. Toklas and Lil Wobey.

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