Put Up Or Shut Up, Big Boy : Bedard’s Dishonest Descent

This is what humiliation and abasement looks like.

Normally we here at The15net.com wouldn’t sour any bandwidth space on “websites “and “webmasters” that are failing worse than Magic Johnson’s talk show. However the events of the past week have left us with no recourse. Greg Bedard, he of the widely unpopular, subscription-hemmoraging website Boston Sports Journal, has now taken it upon himself to lead a crusade to tarnish the name of a Patriots second round draft pick named Christian Barmore.

To backtrack a bit, Barmore has been seen by “several teams” , as reported by Bob McGinnis of the Athletic, “who expressed concerns about what they say is his resistance to coaching and structure at Alabama.” Nick Saban, who just so happened to be his head coach when Alabama won the national championship over Ohio State, disagrees with that totally.

In addition, Saban added that Barmore is “a very emotional, competitive player who plays his tail off.’’ Seems pretty good for a defensive player, no? Plus, if anyone would know who is and isn’t doing what they should on and off the field, conventional wisdom would lead you to believe it would be Nick Saban.

And it isn’t like Saban doesn’t out the guys who aren’t doing what they should.

He had no problem calling out Reuben Foster when he started hanging around the wrong folks and got into a domestic violence issue around draft time. There is a 0.0% chance he wouldn’t call out one of his athletes who didn’t listen and balked at his process. And there is also zero chance that he would lead his pal Belichick astray, and that Belichick would ignore Saban’s advice. Especially when guys like Dont’a Hightower and Damien Harris have adapted nicely to the Patriot culture.

Now back to Big Boy. According to him, the real issue in Barmore seems to be tied to non-football issues. What are they? Well..

The dog whistle is now a full-blown yelp at this point. Think about the connotations here. A middle aged white man from MA nonchalantly suggesting that a young black athlete he knows nothing about and has never met in his life is uncivilized and inferior intellectually. The fact that he does this out of thin air with no evidence is reckless at worst and passively racist at its absolute best. But, as the 3AM infomercials say, BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

On his weekly “Big Boy Tuesday” appearance on Fecky & Motts on 98.5 The SportzKlan, he goes one step further and compares Barmore to…Aaron Hernandez.

And not to be outdone, QB1 for now Cam Newton isn’t immune from the venom he spews. Here, he believes The Coach is giving Cam a reason to “hang himself”.

In the year of our Sun God 2021, for those words to come out of the mouth of a white man in media, during the precipice of an awakening in this country in regards to police brutality against blacks and racial injustice against people of color, speaks volumes about the bubble he lives in.

Finally, on his “Greg Bedard Podcast” with Nick Cattles that 3 people listen to, he doubles down and questions Barmore’s intelligence again, and hints at something bigger that would tarnish his career, but because “sources”, he cannot reveal those things.

I recommend clicking on that entire thread by @police_at and seeing countless examples of how That Station and its hosts and guests have become synonymous with both casual and meticulous racism.

But as far as Big Boy, I would suggest to the Patriots that you pull this guy’s credentials yesterday. They were not useful to you before, and they certainly won’t be now. I would also offer another suggestion. Come out and refute this piece of crap story now. Even though it already has been by Nick Saban, the Patriots fans, especially those of color, would appreciate you having the back of one of your newest players even before he takes a snap.

Lastly, to those who might be reading this and saying, “why is The15net.com going so hard with this story? Why give him any attention?” For a long time, the Boston media has been an ass-grabbing, wagon-circling jerkoff fest of Caucasian dudes who have never had to experience any type of criticism or adversity. They have never had the mirror or the finger pointed in their direction. Just take a look at how Bedard treats potential customers when they asked him about this story.

Spineless sheep? Snowflake? “Color” athlete? Take off the white sheet and stop hiding your true feelings, Big Boy. Next thing you know he might be storming the Capitol with Viking antlers.

But it is about time for a change in Boston media, both diversity wise and editorial. It’s about time new voices rose up and spoke out about the underrepresented Boston sport fan, especially the ones of color who are just as diehard and passionate as the white ones. And it is definitely past time for some diversity in radio and TV in Boston, the #10 market in the United States. And in conculsion, Big Boy, I have some advice for you.

We cannot take you seriously on this issue until YOU start telling the truth on this. You are taking the weak, easy way out assisnating the character of a Patriots player. Either come out and say what the issue is, apologize and say you made a mistake (like a normal human being) or shut up and go away, like you did as LVRJ.


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