The Death Days of Summer

Choose a job you love, (like these guys lololol ) and you will never have to work a day in your life.

What’s really good y’all?!?!  Got here as soon as I can. Your they/them has been working tirelessly on a top secret reporting mission related to two Patriots legends (we’ll call them T and BB for now). In the meantime, life* happened.

* Death

Rest in Power. I know this is not the real Bill Russell but my Bing safetysearch does not allow images of certain types of people

I was at the pool nursing a hangover from a righteous “erotic gathering” the night before when I heard the news.  It is not the kind of news you want to hear, like Keely Shay Smith and Pierce splitting up. Instead, it was the worst news I have ever heard in my entire life other than The Challenger. Several days ago Vinny Scully and Bill Russell both died, possibly together. That part is unclear but I have confirmed that neither is alive. The news hit me harder than a Deshaun Watson rope.  Scull and Will, as they were commonly known, were basically the same person to me as I do not see color. At all. Like when George Floyd was getting killed I was like what are the colors of these people?

His thumb was an early indicator of impending doom

I know you don’t come to your girl Anita’s page (in droves lolololololol) to hear the stereotypical tropes about life, death and equality. Judging by my instagram followers, you come to see my turbo bod. But as a person of faith, I believe Scull and Will are together right now, floating on a cloud, skin off, confronting an Old Testament angel of judgment, atoning for their sins and laughing…

Lol be scarier

…and unlike when my mom died from working at the IRS, within six months Scull and Will will* be trotting into the gates of paradise, wondering why they can’t find Red Auerbach.

*will will lololol

Anita Thrust is the lead writer for Competent Ladies Against Mansplaining section of The15net dot com. They/she lives in the Greater Boston Area with they’s rescue doggo Yodel, and theirs cats, Alice B. Toklas and Lil Wobey. Follow her/they @anitafifteen on the Twitter machine.

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