Mental Heal(yes)th

Wuss good my peoples? It’s ya gurly Anita coming back to you with a quick but important message. Now normally I just chop it up about sports. You know, touchdowns and extra innings and WNBA career leader in blocks Margo Dydek. But recently I’ve been seeing some startling stuff on the ol’ web about how some people are actually depressed. Trust me, there is nothing harder than being a woman in sports (other than getting a floater off against Margo). Between deadlines with #the15 and keeping up with my social calendar, I’m more stressed than Remington Steele at an art gallery and no getaway car.

Through my spirituality I have learned a very valuable lesson about mental health. If you are feeling depressed, like there is no end in sight to the drudging plague and torture of everyday existence, just stop feeling like that. Don’t have bad mental health!

be less depressed lmao

So you may be saying “easy for you to say sporty what about my mortgage and kids?” To that I say “Mental heal(yes)th.” You’ve just got to stop being depressed you silly geese!

Let me give you an example to show this isn’t just me being a know-it-all. Last month I had 4 deadlines for #the15, my ex’s fiancee was posting thirst traps on the ‘gram (Instagram) and the Taliban surged back into power two decades after a U.S. led regime toppled its regime in Kabul, Afghanistan. Did I get all emotional and depressed? Hell to the uh uh. I sat on my couch for 2 weeks and did nothing. As Charlie Sheen would say: Victory!

this house sucks and they’re probably fine. Positive vibe time

For you sportsers like me, I’ll end this with an analogy you can relate to. Life is like a 4th quarter in the WNBA. You’re always up by 1. The other team has the ball. Maybe its Delilah Henderson with the ball on a string. You’re guarding her with all your might. She releases her silky smooth set shot and it goes through the rim. Do you crawl into the fetal position and die. No. It’s overtime.

Anita Thrust is the lead writer for Competent Ladies Against Mansplaining section of The15net dot com. She lives in the Greater Boston Area with her rescue doggo Yodel, and her cats, Alice B. Toklas and Lil Wobey. Follow her @anitafifteen on the Twitter machine.

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